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Graphics - Page 35


Whether you're interested in games, CGI movies, or the latest hardware to push your pixels, Tom's Hardware provides you with the latest news in graphics.

news - NOVEMBER 10 36

Matrox Graphics revealed its single-slot card offering 8 DisplayPort outputs.

news - NOVEMBER 10 37

What could that be!?

news - NOVEMBER 10 115

Put your flame suit on.

news - NOVEMBER 9 54

Imagine a PCI-e card that can output gaming goodness on 6 displays! Kapow!

news - NOVEMBER 9 30

Nvidia has denied speculative reports that claim the company is considering entering the x86 CPU business.

reviews - NOVEMBER 9 91

Batman: Arkham Asylum is purported to be the definitive Batman game. We're testing it on a range of mainstream graphics cards, a number of CPU settings, and with PhysX on and off. You'll walk away from this one...

news - NOVEMBER 6 64

Intel's not happy with Nvidia's funnies.

reviews - NOVEMBER 5 76

There's actually a lot to discuss in this month's column: the introduction of AMD's new Radeon HD 5000-series GPUs, Nvidia's new GeForce GT 220 and GeForce 210, availability of previous-gen high-end cards, and...

news - NOVEMBER 5 52

Remember the Crusoe? Perhaps now it'll live on at Nvidia.

news - OCTOBER 30 85

Visuals stemming from Nvidia's Fermi may make you do a double-take.

news - OCTOBER 27 51

A new Asus supercomputer uses 960 Nvidia cores.

news - OCTOBER 24 49

Unigine Corp's latest demo is supposedly the first DirectX 11 benchmark.

reviews - OCTOBER 21 47

A little while back, we discussed some of the benefits and disadvantages of ray tracing. Today, we're going to be talking about another potential successor to triangle rasterization: voxel ray casting, the...

reviews - OCTOBER 13 123

In the last month, we've seen ATI take the performance crown with its Radeon HD 5870 and an enthusiast value position with its Radeon HD 5850. Now the company is rounding out the mid-range with its Radeon HD...

news - OCTOBER 13 46

Hot off the burner!

reviews - OCTOBER 12 90

Nvidia is introducing its first 40nm GPUs with DirectX 10.1 support. But the GeForce 210 and GT 220 GPUs aren't the flagships you might expect the company to announce hot on the heels of Radeon HD 5870. Rather,...

reviews - OCTOBER 11 33

AMD ATI's Radeon HD 5000 series is here. But, if your wallet isn't ready for the new top of the line cards, there's plenty of graphics power to be had at bargain prices in the HD 4600 series.

news - OCTOBER 10 23

Yes, this is really happening.

news - OCTOBER 9 19

We want more Ions.

news - OCTOBER 7 37

That Radeon HD 5800 series card will be VERY good at making Flash go.

news - OCTOBER 6 43

Hacked patch saved the day for multi-GPU PhysX fans.

news - OCTOBER 5 38

Some games now run better thanks to driver magic.

news - OCTOBER 5 20

The latest Flash runtime not only takes advantage of hardware acceleration, but will now infect smartphones and many other Internet-connected devices.

news - OCTOBER 5 20

Now your GPU can make a Flasher out of your Ion netbook.

news - OCTOBER 2 49

A new generation of graphics... an old game.

news - OCTOBER 1 42

This chip is going to be huge for the supercomputing market -- if Nvidia's has its way.