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Graphics - Page 38


Whether you're interested in games, CGI movies, or the latest hardware to push your pixels, Tom's Hardware provides you with the latest news in graphics.

reviews - JUNE 10 115

This month, ATI's new Radeon HD 4770 is missing in action, since online stores are not only unable to keep it in stock, but also de-listing it completely. With violent movements in pricing, though, it'd have...

news - JUNE 9 21

Is Nvidia working on a CPU?

news - JUNE 9 30

Nvidia has said its sales are in no way harmed by the GeForce G84 and G86 fiasco that took place last summer.

news - JUNE 7 68

Earlier in the week, we posted about Intel's Larrabee GPU and its future-looking performance.

news - JUNE 5 27

Not everything at Computex happens in the convention center. Yesterday the folks at EVGA kidnapped one of our onsite editors to show him the company’s latest motherboards and video cards.

news - JUNE 4 28

I wonder how many FPS a Type-R sticker would add.

news - JUNE 4 83

It's always good and fun to have the latest hardware, especially when it comes to graphics. But what if you're on an aging AGP system?

news - JUNE 4 25

Greentech, power saving, saving the Earth, utilizing less resources--power saving features are an important feature to have these days, on any product.

news - JUNE 3 41

8 GB of graphics RAM enough for you?

news - JUNE 3 38

It goes to 11.

news - JUNE 3 24

Nvidia and Adobe are combining forces as part of the Open Screen Project.

news - JUNE 2 24

This week Nvidia held a press event here at Computex in order to show off its technology and talk about its direction for future technology.

news - JUNE 2 46

Traveling to Taiwan for Computex usually yields a lot of components, future launches, and lots of random hardware.

news - MAY 29 41

Asus is heading to Mars, but not in a planetary sense. The company has gotten frisky and has designed the Asus Mars 295 Limited Edition, a revamp of the GeForce GTX 295.

reviews - MAY 22 111

Performance on its own is not enough to earn a recommendation here. The very best graphics cards also employ innovative cooling to help muscle their way into our hearts. Today, we look at high-end offerings...

news - MAY 20 66

Get your latest Windows 7 drivers here!

reviews - MAY 20 90

The big news this month, of course, is ATI's Radeon HD 4770, which immediately secures two spots in this month's column (on its own and in a CrossFire configuration). We also cover what was displaced when the...

news - MAY 19 50

Nvidia has thrown in its two cents regarding Intel’s processor pricing and the company’s fine from the EU.

reviews - MAY 19 83

The 2009 Graphics Card Charts are here! New this year is an updated platform, reference and retail products (with overclocked/special edition boards), and an entirely new suite of benchmarks. Come compare the...

reviews - MAY 18 56

You've heard all about CUDA and speeding up general-purpose apps using graphics horsepower. The time has finally come to put the pedal to the metal and benchmark two mainstream GPUs, while exploring how these...

news - MAY 15 55

Larrabee silicon snapped by chip paparazzi.

reviews - MAY 14 78

Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box has made it to the PC a year (finally, a year after its launch). We dig into the graphics hardware required to crank out those awesome-looking visuals and spectacular effects...

news - MAY 13 50

AMD has hit another megahertz milestone record today.

news - MAY 13 26

Apple, Dell, and HP laptop owners are tag-teaming Nvidia with a combined lawsuit stemming from issues with faulty GPUs

reviews - MAY 13 51

You're a gamer. You have an SLI-capable board. Do you buy the GeForce GTX 295 or a pair of GeForce GTX 275s, based on the same GPU? We got our hands on SLI'd 275s to explore the performance versus "SLI on a...

reviews - MAY 7 37

We take a look at a handful of non-reference cards with GeForce heritage: the 9600 GT, the GTS 250, and the GTX 260 from Asus, Gigabyte, MSI, and Zotac. Read on to find out which cards performed, overclocked,...