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Laptops - Page 27


Whether you're looking for extreme portability, high-performance gaming on-the-go, a portable workstation replacement, or the best value on a budget, Tom's Hardware has the reviews, specifications, and benchmarks to help you find what matters most to you in a laptop.

news - AUGUST 31 19

Asus plans to host an Ultrabook conference in New York City this October, and will reportedly reveal five to six Ultrabooks slated for release this year.

news - AUGUST 31 9

HP's Personal Systems Group head Todd Bradley talks about the possible spin-off company.

news - AUGUST 29 44

Consumer demand for tablets is seemingly diminishing as they turn their eyes to Ultrabooks heading to the market beginning next month.

news - AUGUST 28 156

The Razer with a build-in Switchblade.

news - AUGUST 27 44

Move over, dual-core Galaxy Tab. Microsoft's got a quad-core tablet in its arsenal.

news - AUGUST 26 25

Selling up doesn't mean giving up.

news - AUGUST 24 28

Sources claim that Samsung may be gearing up to purchase HP's PC division, and is currently talking with major HP contractors to help fill the orders.

reviews - AUGUST 24 56

From the humble beginnings of mechanical adding machines to today's multi-core processors, we recount the early developments that took us to where we are today. We also include a convenient timetable showing...

news - AUGUST 23 14

This month LG is launching two notebooks with built-in support for 3D. Unfortunately, they require the use of nerdy polarized glasses.

news - AUGUST 23 8

Intel's Cedar Trail chips have been delayed.

news - AUGUST 23 35

Like IBM in the PC sector, Apple won't always rule the Land of the Tablets.

news - AUGUST 19 40

eBay this week pulled a seller's listing for a 3G MacBook Pro upon request from Apple.

news - AUGUST 19 32

Samsung revealed its first gamer notebook during Gamescom 2011 in Germany.

news - AUGUST 17 56

We all know that Intel has not invented the Ultrabook - perhaps it invented the name, but certainly not the form factor (even if Intel says that Ultrabooks are not just about the size, but about the user...

news - AUGUST 16 26

A 3G MacBook Pro has shown up on

news - AUGUST 11 38

Intel invests in the future of the Ultrabook.

news - AUGUST 10 17

Intel does the math for manufacturers.

news - AUGUST 10 35

Village Instruments is currently working on a Thunderbolt version of its ViDock external graphics card chassis.

news - AUGUST 10 23

"Leaked" images of Acer's upcoming ultrabook have appeared online, revealing a sleek and sexy design.

news - AUGUST 9 11

Toshiba officially priced and dated its new glasses-free notebook for North America.

news - AUGUST 5 22

Acer is calling on fellow notebook manufacturers to take Apple's "outside-of-the-box" approach to innovation. Tablets are nothing more than a fad, too.

news - AUGUST 3 30

A hardware enthusiast site for Danes.

news - AUGUST 1 41

If you were hoping to buy an ultrabook by the end of the year for less than $1000, a price that was previously promised by Intel, you may be disappointed. These first i7 notebooks will be more expensive. But is...

news - JULY 29 29

Various online retailers are now taking pre-orders for the super-slim Asus Eee PC X101 netbook.

news - JULY 28 58

Is the Pro about to get an Air makeover?

news - JULY 28 30

Although Razer's portable PC gaming platform is still deemed as a "concept," the Switchblade will officially sport Intel's Atom Z690 processor.