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Laptops - Page 27


Whether you're looking for extreme portability, high-performance gaming on-the-go, a portable workstation replacement, or the best value on a budget, Tom's Hardware has the reviews, specifications, and benchmarks to help you find what matters most to you in a laptop.

news - SEPTEMBER 13 117

Gartner updated its PC shipment forecast today. There is no better way of describing the new estimate than calling it catastrophic for the PC industry.

news - SEPTEMBER 9 18

HP has updated its popular Pavilion dm1 laptop with second-generation Intel Core processors, and AMD's E-Series APUs, starting at $399.99 USD.

news - SEPTEMBER 8 22

Nvidia's CEO this week talked about the company's primary focus on its Tegra processor and the mobile sector, and said that companies without a mobile strategy are in "deep turd." Mmm tasty.

news - SEPTEMBER 8 25

Microsoft executive Rahul Sood recently gave an interview in which he carefully expressed a certain frustration with HP's lost passion for taking care of its PC business.

news - SEPTEMBER 7 34

MSI has launched two new gaming laptops sporting Nvidia's GeForce GTX 570M GPU.

news - SEPTEMBER 7 30

Sony is releasing an external lenticular screen "peripheral" that adds 3D to non-3D laptops.

news - SEPTEMBER 5 25

Thermaltake announced a laptop cooling pad designed for gamers in mind, ranging support from 10" to 17" laptops.

news - SEPTEMBER 4 33

Acer officially announced its first ultrabook, the Aspire S3, on Friday during the IFA show in Berlin.

reviews - SEPTEMBER 3 52

Apparently, HP's preferred course of action is spinning its Personal Systems Group off into its own entity. But that's not necessarily what will happen. Would our world as enthusiasts change if HP ended up...

news - SEPTEMBER 2 10

Toshiba has revealed its first line of Ultrabooks, the Portégé Z830 series.

reviews - SEPTEMBER 2 17

Are you tired of your notebook running out of power away from a wall wart? We're looking at three universal adapters able to get your battery charged again, whether you're on the road, in the air, or sitting...

news - SEPTEMBER 1 49

Apple wants its property back.

news - SEPTEMBER 1 20

An Italian online retailer is already showing Acer's Ultrabook for $1,130 USD (€786).

news - AUGUST 31 19

Asus plans to host an Ultrabook conference in New York City this October, and will reportedly reveal five to six Ultrabooks slated for release this year.

news - AUGUST 31 9

HP's Personal Systems Group head Todd Bradley talks about the possible spin-off company.

news - AUGUST 29 44

Consumer demand for tablets is seemingly diminishing as they turn their eyes to Ultrabooks heading to the market beginning next month.

news - AUGUST 28 156

The Razer with a build-in Switchblade.

news - AUGUST 27 44

Move over, dual-core Galaxy Tab. Microsoft's got a quad-core tablet in its arsenal.

news - AUGUST 26 25

Selling up doesn't mean giving up.

news - AUGUST 24 28

Sources claim that Samsung may be gearing up to purchase HP's PC division, and is currently talking with major HP contractors to help fill the orders.

reviews - AUGUST 24 56

From the humble beginnings of mechanical adding machines to today's multi-core processors, we recount the early developments that took us to where we are today. We also include a convenient timetable showing...

news - AUGUST 23 14

This month LG is launching two notebooks with built-in support for 3D. Unfortunately, they require the use of nerdy polarized glasses.

news - AUGUST 23 8

Intel's Cedar Trail chips have been delayed.

news - AUGUST 23 35

Like IBM in the PC sector, Apple won't always rule the Land of the Tablets.

news - AUGUST 19 40

eBay this week pulled a seller's listing for a 3G MacBook Pro upon request from Apple.

news - AUGUST 19 32

Samsung revealed its first gamer notebook during Gamescom 2011 in Germany.

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