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Laptops - Page 30


Whether you're looking for extreme portability, high-performance gaming on-the-go, a portable workstation replacement, or the best value on a budget, Tom's Hardware has the reviews, specifications, and benchmarks to help you find what matters most to you in a laptop.

news - APRIL 2 13

Consumers can now purchase Lenovo laptops at Best Buy.

news - APRIL 1 3

Deals are back! No joke!

news - APRIL 1 28

Acer and its former CEO had different ideas.

news - APRIL 1 34

If last week's Asus EeePad Transformer announcement had you drooling, then you'll probably be interested in hearing how much the tablet-with-keyboard-attachment affair is going to retail for.

reviews - APRIL 1 34

Hot on the heels of Eurocom’s Radeon HD 6970M CrossFire-based launch, AVADirect promises even bigger performance using pair of GeForce GTX 485M modules in SLI. Can AVADirect claim the performance crown at a...

news - MARCH 30 17

We first clapped eyes on Acer’s dual-screen Iconia touchbook tablet back in November, but it’s only now that Acer is getting around to pricing and releasing the device.

news - MARCH 22 7

Sony is supposedly working on a Chrome OS notebook and a hybrid notebook/PC, both under the Sony VAIO name.

news - MARCH 18 17

The netbook going back to its roots?

news - MARCH 15 3

Need a new lappy?

news - MARCH 12 8

If you didn't already receive Google's Chrome OS Cr-48 notebook by now, chances are you weren't on the list.

news - MARCH 11 5

Same Classmate, but in Lenovo style.

news - MARCH 11 17

With WebOS now in the picture, will HP center its focus on software and services while selling off its notebook business?

news - MARCH 11 13

Hewlett-Packard showed strong PC sales in the final quarter of last year and was able to beat its rivals. Dell remained in the second spot and increased its lead over Acer.

news - MARCH 9 9

First seen yesterday after their specifications showed up on Lenovo's website, the X220 ThinkPad and X220 Tablet are now official.

reviews - MARCH 9 27

Battery life is always such a big deal in our mobile coverage (often because gaming systems fall so short). But don't feel limited by the built-in power source. Today we round up 15 external batteries that can...

news - MARCH 8 15

In what looks like a little bit of a slip-up, Lenovo's website is proudly showing off some as yet unannounced additions to the company's ThinkPad X line.

news - MARCH 3 41

Extreme networking technology for when every bit (and byte) count.

news - MARCH 2 15

As Windows 8 Milestone 3 begins, there are reports that Microsoft may demo the OS on tablets this June.

news - MARCH 2 13

Sick of all the tablets and Sandy Bridge talk coming out of CeBIT? Well, here’s a little something unique enough to pique the interest of even the most brainwashed of tablet fanatics.

news - MARCH 2 18

And joining the tablet market, we have...

news - MARCH 1 45

Rahul Sood speaks out... on Apple's behalf.

news - MARCH 1 12

There’s no shortage of Android tablets available, so when it comes to slates running Windows, Redmond is a little outnumbered. Today Fujitsu threw is throwing another hat in the ring with the launch of its...

news - FEBRUARY 28 24

Is it a fancy smartphone, a small tablet, or a PC that can fit into your pocket? The line is beginning to blur.

news - FEBRUARY 28 10

No rest for the wicked.