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Laptops - Page 31


Whether you're looking for extreme portability, high-performance gaming on-the-go, a portable workstation replacement, or the best value on a budget, Tom's Hardware has the reviews, specifications, and benchmarks to help you find what matters most to you in a laptop.

news - JANUARY 5 7

It’s day zero of CES, also known as Press Day, however the announcements have been coming fast and hard for the last couple of days. Earlier this week, Toshiba took the wraps off of the first of what we...

news - JANUARY 5 13

The 750 GB WD Scorpio Black for notebooks is now available for $149.00.

news - JANUARY 4 16

ThinkPads getting refreshed in April.

news - JANUARY 4 12

The little notebook that (kind of) could.

news - JANUARY 4 25

A new generation of netbook?

news - DECEMBER 27 52

The next generation is here.

news - DECEMBER 24 11

Want to be a demolition man?

news - DECEMBER 22 48

Thin is still in.

news - DECEMBER 21 40

Even with integrated graphics, there are still lots of discrete graphics!

news - DECEMBER 21 19

The $400 Kinpad I600 features 1080p H.264 video but no HDMI-out.

news - DECEMBER 19 64

I would have eaten that ice cream right off the keyboard.

news - DECEMBER 19 21

Could this limit what you take with you on holidays?

news - DECEMBER 15 23

Ubuntu 10.10 has been installed on Google's new Chrome OS-based CR-48 laptop.

news - DECEMBER 14 13

We already know that CES is going to be tablet crazy. With Microsoft rumored to be introducing several tablets (and perhaps even a Windows 8 tablet), we know that slates are going to be a running theme...

news - DECEMBER 14 14

Will Windows 7 devices have to share the spotlight at CES in January?

news - DECEMBER 14 13

Alienware laptops sporting Intel's Sandy Bridge processors were caught on film teasing 3DMark06.

news - DECEMBER 13 48

This is the Google notebook.

news - DECEMBER 12 55

Dude, you're getting a new logo!

news - DECEMBER 12 68

Radeons could be inside the next MacBook Pros.

news - DECEMBER 11 25

Not too long ago we were introduced to Acer's Iconia notebook. At a special event in NYC the company proudly showed off the dual-screen tablet, but refused to give away too many details about price or...

news - DECEMBER 9 79


news - DECEMBER 9 64

Don't look at one of these if you're into Windows.

news - DECEMBER 9 7

If we remember it correctly, then it was Intel's Paul Otellini during the company's most recent earnings conference call who downplayed the impact of tablets in the PC market.

news - DECEMBER 9 11

Apple is now the third-largest manufacturer of mobile PCs. According to DisplaySearch, the company sold 6.3 million units, which translates into a market share of 12.4 percent in this segment globally.

news - DECEMBER 8 22

This is what it's like living on a cloud.

news - DECEMBER 8 12

It's the entire cloud inside your browser.