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Laptops - Page 43


Whether you're looking for extreme portability, high-performance gaming on-the-go, a portable workstation replacement, or the best value on a budget, Tom's Hardware has the reviews, specifications, and benchmarks to help you find what matters most to you in a laptop.

news - APRIL 13 5

Looking for a quad-core laptop or a new Xbox 360 with a 250GB HDD and Splinter Cell: Conviction? Look here.

news - APRIL 13 26

The EeePC keyboard might be shipping at the end of this month but the EeePC tablet is shipping now.

news - APRIL 12 8

It's been a long road but it looks like we may soon see Asus' EeePC keyboard.

news - APRIL 10 31

Asus has made a promo video. That's means the product is getting closer to release, we hope.

news - APRIL 9 57

You might remember our writing about Windows 95 running on the iPhone in July of last year. The iSoft team achieved this using the Bochs emulator and an original Windows 95 image.

news - APRIL 9 23

It seemed like almost as soon as the M11x was announced, people were coming up with ways to make Alienware's almost-a-gaming-netbook better. Today rumors have emerged that say the notebook could get new Intel...

news - APRIL 8 11

If you're not up to shooting up zombies at a discount, then you can for sure take part in the Modern Warfare 2 free weekend.

news - APRIL 8 63

I'm crushed. Are you crushed?

news - APRIL 8 6

Dell has introduced three new business-centric laptops to its Latitude line.

news - APRIL 8 37

The TSA has published a blog post detailing what customers traveling with netbooks, ereaders, tablets and "other small gadgets" can expect when they're going through security.

news - APRIL 8 46

How much do the materials inside an iPad cost? Around 52 percent the retail cost.

news - APRIL 7 5

Looking for a laptop with a massive screen? The 18.4" HP dv8t rarely goes on sale, but here is your chance to nab it at a deal!

news - APRIL 7 47

Look away if you don't like seeing expensive gadgets in the hands of small children.

news - APRIL 6 56

Flash, ahoy!

news - APRIL 6 4

Top Deals: 17.3" HP dv7 Quad Edition, 23" Samsung LCD + Logitech combo, and LCD monitors!

news - APRIL 6 86

C'mon HP. You can do it!

news - APRIL 6 22

The new ASUS notebook brings Intel's Core i3 and Nvidia's GeForce GT310M.

news - APRIL 5 9

Top deals: HP dv6 Quad Edition Core i7 Laptop; Splinter Cell: Conviction; and Sharp AQUOS Blu-ray Disc player.

news - APRIL 5 50

Although touting iTunes on its Slate doesn't help bolster its stance much.

news - APRIL 5 29

Soon hackers will make it possible for you to run the apps you want without Apple's approval.

news - APRIL 3 256

How cheap would it have to be?

news - APRIL 3 31

Jessica Chobot, eat your heart out.

news - APRIL 2 9

Today's top deals: HP Touchsmart 12.1" tablet PC; SSD Coupon Roundup; Medal of Honor pre-order.

news - APRIL 1 17

Top Deals on HP Envy 13 and HP Envy 15. Plus get a free three week trial for GameFly!

news - APRIL 1 58

What are the early reviews saying?

news - MARCH 31 16

Asus is said to be preparing two slate PCs that it will reveal in the next few of months.