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Laptops - Page 61


Whether you're looking for extreme portability, high-performance gaming on-the-go, a portable workstation replacement, or the best value on a budget, Tom's Hardware has the reviews, specifications, and benchmarks to help you find what matters most to you in a laptop.

news - MARCH 17 6

Hewlett-Packard has just begun offering "green" Enviro series batteries for their notebooks, which utilize improved lithium-ion battery technology by Boston-Power Inc.

news - MARCH 17 25

Nobody likes to lose money in this economy, whether it's a dwindling IRA account due to falling stock values, or faulty GPUs sold using crappy packaging.

news - MARCH 17 12

The Dell Adamo has finally arrived, and the end product is one of the thinnest notebooks on the market.

news - MARCH 16 15

With the increasing popularity of netbooks (with oh so ubiquitous specs), standing out is becoming more and more important. Sony hit us with the Vaio P Series Lifestyle PC in January and while it was “not a...

news - MARCH 16 7

MSI's latest foray into netbooks, the U110 Eco, touts nine hours of battery life and graphics from ATI.

news - MARCH 16 8

Tech giant AMD sees current laptop battery life projections as outdated and inaccurate. In order to better serve the consumer, AMD wants to approach battery life times like the car companies approach miles per...

news - MARCH 16 4

Freecom just released its new 2.5-inch ToughDrive Sport external hard drive that supposedly endures "even the toughest conditions." But is the thing kid-tested?

news - MARCH 13 53

Looking to buy a laptop sometime soon? Well, unless you're interested in bundling your purchase with a protection plan, you may want to avoid shopping at Office Depot.

news - MARCH 12 32

Several analysts are predicting that ARM processors will be in more notebooks than Intel's Atom processor by sometime in 2012.

news - MARCH 12 18

AMD is worried that the Nvidia 9600M/MacBook Pro heat issues could negatively impact the entire GPU industry.

news - MARCH 12 13

The Intel Atom isn’t a powerhouse processor – this we know and accept. But its multimedia capabilities could be helped with video acceleration, which is where Nvidia hopes to jump in with its Ion chipset....

news - MARCH 12 20

Microsoft’s best known for its software, but often times its hardware products are just as often found as part of users’ systems.

news - MARCH 11 12

Look at any netbook on the market today, and you’ll see that the specifications for each one even across different OEMs are remarkably the same.

news - MARCH 10 11

With a chassis made of ballistic armor and the DoD's seal of approval on heat, wind and shock, the Dell Latitude E6400 XFR could be the toughest laptop on the block.

news - MARCH 10 14

Yesterday the new rumors about Apple’s supposed touchscreen netbook were the talk of the town. Reports that Taiwanese company, Wintek, would be supplying touchscreen panels to Quanta computer...

news - MARCH 9 8

Intel is looking to its highly anticipated Montevina Plus platform to push laptops beyond the 3.0GHz mark. The company also said it is in the process of making its Ultra Low Voltage processors more affordable.

news - MARCH 9 17

The last few months have been fraught with rumors about whether or not Apple will be jumping on the bandwagon and offering a netbook along with world+dog.

news - MARCH 9 13

Asus has managed to cram 12 GB of memory and 1 TB of storage space into its new G71gx flagship gaming notebook.

news - MARCH 9 7

When we first saw the Asus ‘folding’ notebook concept at CES, we figured it was just a design exercise and that it wouldn’t be something heading into production anytime soon. But straight from CeBit is...

news - MARCH 6 7

When we saw MSI’s WindBOX at CES back in January, the company had the nettop as it’s supposed to be, mounted onto the back of an LCD panel ...

news - MARCH 6 5

OCZ, a company known for its RAM, SSD's and power supplies, is now jumping into the netbook market with the Neutrino.

news - MARCH 6 4

With the netbook selection heading in both directions of getting more affordable and sleeker, Asus is dropping its most modest offering from its Eee PC lineup.

news - MARCH 5 3

BenQ and MSI both unveiled new notebooks today. BenQ's Joybook S57 and MSI's GT725 both come with Intel processors and ATI graphics.

news - MARCH 5 31

Remember a few weeks ago when we told you about the ‘mobile workstation’ that Eurocom was cramming a Core i7 into? Well now we know more, and we’re a little surprised. Well, not really.

news - MARCH 5 10

In the age when we always want things to happen faster for our computers, sometimes even the quickest of processors and storage aren’t enough to satisfy our need for instant gratification.

news - MARCH 4 8

The Asus Eee brand has transformed into many things. What started out as a moniker for the value-oriented and focused netbook line that sparked a massive trend is now a label for consumer-oriented nettops,...