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Notebooks - Page 10


Notebooks remain essential to gamers and professionals on the go. Although they’ve been around forever, the technology you find inside changes on an almost daily basis. Learn about the latest in mobile computing from a trusted source.

news - NOVEMBER 20 32

Samsung has come under fire for an commercial it posted to YouTube that likens laptops to puppies and shows people slaughtering their cute little computers.

news - NOVEMBER 18 69

Verizon will throttle the internet connection of repeat offenders.

news - NOVEMBER 16 3

Celebrate the weekend with these awesome deals from our partner, LogicBUY.

news - NOVEMBER 14 47

This new gaming laptop is priced under $1,200 USD.

news - NOVEMBER 13 29

Device features an 11.6-inch HD Widescreen CineCyrstal LED-backlit LCD screen.

news - NOVEMBER 12 16

PC vendor made over $8.5 billion in ailing market.

news - NOVEMBER 9 24

I have to admit that it has been a while since I last used a Chromebook. Even my beloved Cr-48 has been collecting dust in a row of abandoned notebooks in a corner of my office.

news - NOVEMBER 9 98

Customers purchasing a new Windows 8 desktop or laptop from HP are warned not to downgrade to Windows 7. Updated 11/9/2012 with additional info from HP.

reviews - NOVEMBER 7 77

Is the tug-of-war between gaming performance and portability finally over? Origin PC believes that Lucidlogix's software can help bring these two ideas together, combining Nvidia's GeForce GT 650M and Intel's...

news - NOVEMBER 6 42

So that's what Megan Fox gets up to in her spare time.

news - NOVEMBER 6 71

Will Apple design its own chips for its Mac computers?

news - NOVEMBER 6 10

Taiwanese PC maker compares computer manufacturing to food.

news - NOVEMBER 5 71

Analyst confused over Apple's inability to bring touch technology to its notebooks and iMacs.

picture story - NOVEMBER 1 29

Tom's Hardware was recently invited to an event in New York to preview Dell's line-up of Windows 8-based Inspiron and XPS families of notebooks, tablets, and accessories. From all-in-ones to convertibles, and...

news - OCTOBER 31 4

Offering gift cards that can be spent at its online store.

news - OCTOBER 31 16

BUILD attendees aren't leaving the conference empty handed today.

news - OCTOBER 30 86

Senior VP of global marketing stressed that competitors are afraid to ditch optical drives technology.

news - OCTOBER 28 13

Origin PC is now offering desktops and laptops with Windows 8 and touch-based peripherals.

news - OCTOBER 26 19

The $2,499.99 version of the Razer Blade now comes with Windows 8.

news - OCTOBER 26 48

Digitimes expects Apple will be able to increase its Mac sales enough to become the world's fifth largest PC brand behind HP, Dell, Acer and Lenovo.

news - OCTOBER 26 5

MSI's GT70 gaming laptop will be the first to feature Qualcomm's new Killer DoubleShot network solution.

news - OCTOBER 26 21

What's Apple hiding under the hood?

news - OCTOBER 25 29

Executive argues that the desktop isn't dead.

news - OCTOBER 25 10

MSI's upcoming GT70 and GT60 gaming laptops will sport Windows 8.

news - OCTOBER 25 15

Dell has introduced another batch of Windows 8 devices.

news - OCTOBER 25 12

It's a whole train of new Windows 8 products from Asus.