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Software - Page 102


What is the best free anti-virus, the perfect software for data backup, or the best photo editing application? Tom's Hardware offers regular themed selections to keep you informed and help you make the best choice.

news - MARCH 13 36

GLaDOS... Still Alive.

news - MARCH 13 66

Gabe Newell agrees with most PC gamers that nasty DRM makes it a less worthwhile experience.

news - MARCH 13 19

Bionic upgrades seem to be tossed into the mix along with nanomachines for Deus Ex 3.

news - MARCH 12 38

Microsoft has lost its second appeal against a ruling that called for the software giant to fork out nearly a quarter of a billion in damages for patent infringement.

news - MARCH 12 24

Crysis 2 just looks awesome.

news - MARCH 12 55

Nvidia's worldwide director of developer technology fires back at AMD without insulting his rival.

news - MARCH 11 7

Microsoft is working on documents related to Windows 8.

news - MARCH 11 13

Prison Break the video game was first announced last October and now Zootfly/SouthPeak Games' take on the popular TV series has a release date: March 30.

news - MARCH 11 18

It's been more than 10 years since Jagged Alliance 2. Are you ready now for another?

news - MARCH 11 20

Cylon or human -- which would you pick?

news - MARCH 10 24

This week at GDC, Microsoft showed off XNA games running on Windows Phone 7 and the screenshots are pretty darn impressive.

news - MARCH 10 50

I am rubber, you are glue.

news - MARCH 10 95

A change in hard drive format may force Windows XP users to upgrade to Windows 7.

reviews - MARCH 10 86

Would you rather use 7-Zip, FreeArc, WinRAR, or WinZip? We put four of the most popular file archiving tools to the test, analyzing compression ratios and performance. Spoiler alert: WinZip 14, the latest...

news - MARCH 10 29

Waiting for SP1 before jumping to Windows 7? It could still happen this year.

news - MARCH 10 49

The DRM servers come back just in time to greet the new North American Assassin's Creed II PC gamers.

news - MARCH 9 43

If Blizzard is to make an MMO for a console, it won't be World of Warcraft.

news - MARCH 9 74

The sequel will require less while providing more. Sounds like a good woman.

news - MARCH 9 15

More drivers have popped up with the mysterious overheating bug, this time affecting Linux, FreeBSD, and Solaris systems.

news - MARCH 9 43

AMD said that a Nvidia marketing scheme pays game developers to implement PhysX whether they want it or not.

news - MARCH 9 22

Google going after businesses with... netbooks?

news - MARCH 9 63

Ubisoft's DRM authentication servers for Silent Hunter 5 and Assassin's Creed II are being hit with a DDoS attack, blocking legit gamers from playing.

news - MARCH 8 39

Valve Software going after the aluminum-clad computer crowd. Officially.

news - MARCH 8 16

A new keylogger disguised as a World of Warcraft add-on is stealing account info and goods.

news - MARCH 8 89

Ubisoft's DRM servers unreachable as gamers try to play Assassin's Creed II and Silent Hunter V.

news - MARCH 6 139

Today we have Keith Curtis returning for a new discussion on Linux. Curtis spent 11 years as a Software Design Engineer at Microsoft before examining Linux and the open source side of things, which resulted in...