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Software - Page 105


What is the best free anti-virus, the perfect software for data backup, or the best photo editing application? Tom's Hardware offers regular themed selections to keep you informed and help you make the best choice.

news - FEBRUARY 12 19

Microsoft has provided details of the next iteration of Office for Mac.

news - FEBRUARY 12 14

That pesky malware is always up to no good.

news - FEBRUARY 12 110

Some inside Microsoft is calling the next Windows -- wait for it -- ""

news - FEBRUARY 12 11

Sothink Web Video Downloader gets pardoned from the Trojan accusation.

news - FEBRUARY 12 30

BioShock 2 needs to get its FOV and aspect ratio back on track.

news - FEBRUARY 12 64

Shiver me (Aero Peek) timbers!

news - FEBRUARY 12 52

In light of an interesting New York Times piece by ex-Microsoft employee, Dick Brass, legal site Groklaw has dug up some pretty interesting internal Microsoft emails that were placed on the public record a few...

news - FEBRUARY 11 18

Want to be on the bleeding edge of Firefoxiness? Go alpha.

news - FEBRUARY 11 25

An Israeli company is suing both Microsoft and Apple for patent infringement.

news - FEBRUARY 11 27

So you play a lot of Dungeons and Dragons, eh? Well how would you feel about trading in your board and dice for a version that's a little more up to date in terms of technology?

news - FEBRUARY 11 10

An update that addresses the 17-year-old kernel bug in Windows XP is causing the Blue Screen of Death.

news - FEBRUARY 11 66

Porn star says sex is beautiful and natural (duh) but violent video games are definitely NOT.

news - FEBRUARY 10 20

There's still some hope for the PC version of Dead Space 2.

news - FEBRUARY 10 39

Intel and Nvidia hardware still leading the pack on Steam.

news - FEBRUARY 10 22

A recent BSoD problem has appeared involving a memory leak associated with Windows 7's Power Manager.

news - FEBRUARY 10 43

My life for I mean Ner'zhul!

news - FEBRUARY 10 23

EA confirms that Star Wars: The Old Republic won't hit the market until after March 31, 2011.

news - FEBRUARY 10 17

The super-hero MMORPG is getting a face-lift in the next update.

news - FEBRUARY 9 107

In dead space, no one can hear PC gamers scream.

news - FEBRUARY 9 66

Microsoft has said that the battery problems currently plaguing a number of Windows 7 users are not caused by the operating system.

news - FEBRUARY 9 25

Blizzard uploaded a piece of concept artwork and an in-game animated render of the new female Monk.

news - FEBRUARY 8 20

How would YOU impress a French girl?

news - FEBRUARY 8 11

Postal III seems to be on track for the PC for a 2010 release.

news - FEBRUARY 8 41

China has shut down a training site for computer hackers and arrested three people in connection with the site.

news - FEBRUARY 6 49

A patch is on the way to fix up that ancient Virtual DOS Machine flaw.

news - FEBRUARY 6 42

I was a planning on getting that uber edition, but it simply doesn't agree with my decor.