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Storage - Page 29


Whether you're looking for a safe way to store and share your family photos, or high-speed access for mission-critical data, or something in between, we can provide you with the information and benchmarks to find a storage solution for your needs.

news - DECEMBER 17 38

Hitachi's new 2.5-inch HDD crams 500 GB onto one platter.

news - DECEMBER 17 65

Well, of course it does.

news - DECEMBER 15 17

Hitachi is shipping internal and external 3 TB hard drives, one of which comes with a consumer-oriented kit for legacy setups.

news - DECEMBER 15 4

The latest model in Super Talent's Storage POD series features a USB 3.0 connection.

news - DECEMBER 14 37

A desktop's dream.

news - DECEMBER 13 7

Sales sales sales!

news - DECEMBER 13 94

Death to memory chips due to just a blink in the power.

reviews - DECEMBER 10 3

Online backup is a booming industry, with dozens of vendors providing storage in the cloud. The idea is a compelling one: for a few dollars a year, you have immediate and automatic offsite storage of your most...

reviews - DECEMBER 10 1

Verizon has myriad small, medium and enterprise business-related cloud services, everything from the mundane process of making backups to more sophisticated collections of virtual and even physical servers. In...

news - DECEMBER 7 9

Better flash for better speeds.

news - DECEMBER 3 88

What should the next generation of gaming consoles bring to the table? We examine.

reviews - DECEMBER 3 56

You're on a budget. You want to know if it'd be better to stripe a couple of smaller SSDs or simply buy one larger performance-oriented drive. Today we're comparing one, two, and four 30 GB Kingston SSDNow V...

news - DECEMBER 1 15

Toshiba revealed a new 2.5-inch Self-Encrypting Disk.

news - DECEMBER 1 21

Silicon Power introduced a new, turbo-charged 2.5-inch SSD with TRIM and GC support.

news - NOVEMBER 27 24

This SSD goes to SuperSpeed.

news - NOVEMBER 27 46

Tacky, novelty gadgets are something of a guilty pleasure for us, and tacky, novelty gadgets based on films from days gone by hold an even dearer, more secret place in our hearts. Our latest love is this...

news - NOVEMBER 25 1568

As a sign of gratitude for the continued support of our loyal fans, Zalman and Tom's Hardware are teaming up and giving away one of Zalman's brand new SSDs.

news - NOVEMBER 19 13

It's an SSD with mini-USB and SATA 3Gbps interfaces.

news - NOVEMBER 19 39

Hitachi's latest 3.5-inch, 7200 RPM HDD has a tasty 3 TB capacity.

news - NOVEMBER 18 41

All (well some) of your hard disk technology are belong to us.

news - NOVEMBER 17 54

It matches the performance of 400+ mechanical hard drives.

news - NOVEMBER 16 53

120GB of Intel SSD goodness for under $250.

reviews - NOVEMBER 16 45

It only takes one or two modern SSDs to outperform business-class RAID arrays with four or eight hard drives. We're running a full comparison and looking at the implications for high-performance systems when...

news - NOVEMBER 13 44

A Microsoft job post linked Windows Azure with Windows 8.

reviews - NOVEMBER 11 73

The SSD market continues evolving. We got our hands on six drives we hadn't yet tested, including Samsung’s 470-series, and ran them through our benchmark suite. All told, this roundup includes a total of 24...

news - NOVEMBER 9 13

After the launch of its corporate-based SSDNow V+, Kingston has launched a consumer-based version.