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Storage - Page 38


Whether you're looking for a safe way to store and share your family photos, or high-speed access for mission-critical data, or something in between, we can provide you with the information and benchmarks to find a storage solution for your needs.

news - JANUARY 6 14

Yesterday, Lexar Media announced during CES that it's shipping the highest-performing solid-state drive for end consumers--the Crucial RealSSD C300 drive--this month, with the drives expected to arrive at...

news - JANUARY 6 12

Get your laptop up to SuperSpeed.

reviews - JANUARY 6 25

Super Talent takes advantage of a powerful Areca RAID controller and four flash SSDs to deliver next-generation storage performance from a PCI Express add-in card. We got out hands on the 512GB RAIDDrive,...

news - JANUARY 5 24

Lexar Media revealed two backup drives, one smaller than a fingernail.

news - JANUARY 5 21

WD launched a new external drive compatible with USB 3.0.

news - JANUARY 5 22

This solid state disk can survive a collapsing building.

reviews - DECEMBER 31 95

Do you have a case of the boot-up blues? Are app load times sucking your will to live? Everybody knows that SSDs can accelerate certain system tasks, but can an affordable SSD deliver a quantum leap in everyday...

reviews - DECEMBER 31 19

There are two good reasons for a hard drive upgrade. Reason one: hard drives have become faster and cheaper per gigabyte. Reason two: Windows 7 should be able to take greater advantage of additional storage...

news - DECEMBER 30 45

An ex-employee of Seagate is crying foul play.

news - DECEMBER 28 21

This adapter can turn old HDDs into external drives using USB 3.0.

reviews - DECEMBER 26 55

Portable hard drives are great backup targets. But should you use the ubiquitous Windows utility, a higher-end tool, or a brainless, consumer-friendly solution? We looked at Windows 7 Backup, True Image 2010...

news - DECEMBER 21 6

Depending on where you live, winter brings with it shorter, darker days. It can be depressing, but today is when things turn around. After today, days are going to get longer! (As usual, a big thanks to our...

news - DECEMBER 18 3

LaCie will display its RAID 0/1 storage solution using USB 3.0 next month at CES.

news - DECEMBER 17 5

As usual, a big thanks to our partner, Logic Buy, for sponsoring this post. We're told that some of these are pretty hot but may expire at the end of the day -- so make quick but careful buying decisions!

reviews - DECEMBER 16 28

Fusion-io has produced enterprise-class flash-based SSDs since 2007. But the firm now offers PCI Express-based flash devices for enthusiasts at more attractive price points. Today, we're looking at the ioXtreme...

news - DECEMBER 12 7

As usual, a big thanks to our partner, Logic Buy, for sponsoring this post. Be sure to let us know if you take advantage of any of these deals and how it works out for you!

news - DECEMBER 11 19

It's time for the first generation of Intel SSDs to retire and be sent out to the pasture.

news - DECEMBER 11 37

Seagate shaves 2.5 mm from laptop drives.

news - DECEMBER 10 22

The Diskeeper Corporation claims that its technology can prevent HDD fragmentation.

news - DECEMBER 8 27

Seagate joins the SSD fray with Pulsar.

news - DECEMBER 7 30


news - DECEMBER 3 32

There's a "10-in-One" suite of Windows 7 Ultimate, loaded on USB sticks, up for sale on the Chinese black market.

news - DECEMBER 2 5

Micron's upcoming SSD is slated to be the fastest ever for laptops and desktops, using SATA 6 Gb/s.

reviews - DECEMBER 2 47

Combo drives have a long history of bringing value to people with simple burning needs. As prices for expensive Blu-ray media drops, we review three low-cost drives that can read high-priced content and write...

news - DECEMBER 1 19

TransferJet may soon be on its way to dominate Bluetooth.

news - DECEMBER 1 12

Two USB servers can add ports to your LAN without the need for a PC connection.

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