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Storage - Page 48


Whether you're looking for a safe way to store and share your family photos, or high-speed access for mission-critical data, or something in between, we can provide you with the information and benchmarks to find a storage solution for your needs.

news - OCTOBER 10 6

Have you made the jump to solid-state yet? Probably not, due to pricing – but they are out there, and not cheap.

news - OCTOBER 9 6

California based SuperTalent Tuesday announced the launch of a new line of mini PCI-Express SSDs that were designed explicitly for the Asus Eee PC.

news - OCTOBER 6 11

Sanyo this week announced that it has developed a new laser diode that emits a 450 mw (milliwatts) blue laser beam that can read information off of Blu-ray discs at 12X speeds. Best of all, it can also burn to...

picture story - OCTOBER 4 5

Missed the week of news and reviews? Check out this weekend's roundup of the top stories of the week!

news - OCTOBER 2 2

HTPC and Quiet PC users are always fighting the battle towards the Ultimate Quiet and the Lower Power consumption system.

news - OCTOBER 2 5

Is the I.T industry following suit along with the economy? The Wall-Street blues, Corporate entities closing up shop and the big banks buying out other big and small banks – could this be happening in the I.T...

reviews - OCTOBER 2 43

Seagate is the first hard drive vendor to offer a 1.5 TB drive in the 3.5” form factor. Meanwhile, WD sent us its RAID Edition 3 (RE3) drive. We tell you which is the best HDD choice today.

news - SEPTEMBER 26 2

Toshiba announced on Friday a new 256 GB MLC solid-state drive and a new series of small-sized flash modules designed for netbooks and other ultra-mobile devices

reviews - SEPTEMBER 25 23

What do you do with all the data you collect at home? Network attached storage is the solution. We test Maxtor's Shared Storage II and find that it is also suitable for use in small businesses.

reviews - SEPTEMBER 23 15

Storage vendors split the desktop hard drive market into performance, mainstream, and energy-efficient products. We looked at Samsung’s Spinpoint F, the RAID version and the EcoGreen F to discover how a 1,000...

reviews - SEPTEMBER 18 18

Once upon a time, NAS was too costly for your home. But new devices with only two hard drive slots make networked storage more affordable than ever. We take a closer look at one of these: the Vox BlackBox NAS.

reviews - SEPTEMBER 12 19

Hitachi and Western Digital saw the need to improve their terabyte hard drive offerings. Hitachi’s Deskstar 7K1000.B and WD’s Caviar Black 1 TB are both faster than their predecessors thanks to some serious...

reviews - SEPTEMBER 11 35

We compared a tiny 8 GB Super Talent USB thumb drive to a 10-year old IBM hard drive of the same size in an interesting thought experiment. Does the hard drive stand a chance against Super Talent’s storage...

news - SEPTEMBER 11 0

Toshiba’s Storage Device Division today announced two new 1.8-inch hard drives: A single-platter drive offering 120 GB of storage and a two-platter model boasting 240 GB of capacity. The devices are targeted...

reviews - SEPTEMBER 9 24

The Vigor iSurf II Hard Drive Cooler battles Sytrin's HD Cooler to see which works better. Both take similar approaches to cooling your HDD. They both work, but which is worth the price?

reviews - SEPTEMBER 8 47

Intel jumps into the flash SSD market with the new mainstream 80 GB X25-M 2.5” flash drive, based on a smart controller. This SSD utilizes 10-channel MLC flash memory and it’s a real performance screamer.

news - SEPTEMBER 4 10

Netbooks manufactured with Windows XP have had their 80 GB HDD restriction dropped by Microsoft in favor of a 160 GB limit

news - SEPTEMBER 4 4

PNY and Sony have announced they are releasing Ghostbusters the movie on USB flash drive and expect other movies to follow

news - SEPTEMBER 3 4

A newly released internal Blu-ray drive by Buffalo Technology claims the position of world's fastest Blu-ray drive

reviews - SEPTEMBER 3 21

What will the hard drive be like in the coming years? We looked at all the manufacturers, products and market segments, and visited a Hitachi technology seminar to look at how the firm intends to reach an...

news - AUGUST 28 2

Samsung announced Wednesday it will begin mass producing next month inexpensive low-density high-performance SSDs.

reviews - AUGUST 28 24

Hitachi, Samsung, Seagate and Western Digital send their latest high-performance notebook drives into battle, fighting for the ultimate balance between performance and efficiency.

reviews - AUGUST 26 25

While people keep looking at flash SSDs, a lot has been going on in the hard drive space as well. The new enterprise drives by Hitachi and Seagate offer throughput that remains unmatched by flash-based models.

news - AUGUST 25 0

While 3DTV could be the next big thing and a standard for it is being looked at using Blu-ray, Philips gets impatient and shows us how it's done

news - AUGUST 22 23

Intel says it sheds light on all preconceived SSD myths and touts SSDs as 'the' choice for real gamers.

news - AUGUST 22 6

Chicago (IL) - SATA 3.0 has made its first appearance at IDF, as peripherals are slowly but surely approaching the limits of SATA or SATA-II