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Storage - Page 49


Whether you're looking for a safe way to store and share your family photos, or high-speed access for mission-critical data, or something in between, we can provide you with the information and benchmarks to find a storage solution for your needs.

news - AUGUST 19 0

NEC today announced that it has begun sample shipments of its new device wire adapter (DWA) LSI chip to enable wireless communication between a Wireless USB host system (such as a PC) and USB 2.

reviews - AUGUST 18 30

Having found a number of SSDs that don’t deliver on their efficiency promises, we decided to put 14 different drives to the test. Here is the latest roundup - dominated by a single product.

news - AUGUST 16 2

Santa Clara (CA) - Intel is expected to unveil new products within its solid state disk (SSD) drive family.

news - AUGUST 15 8

Milpitas (CA) - Solid state disk (SSD) drives are likely to see further speed increases from the currently fastest drives that provide read speeds of about 200 MB/s to the theoretical maximum of 300 MB/s.

news - AUGUST 15 1

Madison (WI) - Researchers from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and Hitachi Global Storage Technologies discovered a new patterning technology that could lead to a new generation of hard drives that are not...

reviews - AUGUST 14 25

For as much as we love Blu-ray, it's totally unsuited for full hard drive backups. Well, what could be easier than saving your data by simply copying the contents of an internal drive to an external one?

news - AUGUST 11 0

NAND flash controller design house Solid State System (3S) announced that Kingston Technology has taken a 10% stake in the company via a private placement as expected.

reviews - AUGUST 11 6

The latest external 2.5” drives by Buffalo and Toshiba come with easy-to-use backup software, but they lack features. More interesting is their capacities of 500 GB and 320 GB.

picture story - AUGUST 8 4

A picture story of Gigabyte's 790GX offering.

news - AUGUST 6 1

More here at <a href="http://www.

news - AUGUST 6 2

Boise (ID) - Micron announced a new generation of its RealSSD flash disk drives for server and notebook applications Capacities are now hitting 256 GB, but the real questions appears to be pricing and not...

news - AUGUST 5 4

Micron Technology has announced the introduction of its next-generation RealSSD solid-state drives (SSDs) for enterprise computing (P200) and notebook applications (C200).

reviews - AUGUST 1 6

Are you in danger of catastrophic data loss? We look at feature-rich hard disk backup solutions aimed at small businesses from Iomega and Quantum.

news - JULY 25 1

Taipei (Taiwan) - Asustek Computer expects to introduce new features for its Eee PC range including "whole-day" battery life and Internet storage.

news - JULY 23 0

El Segundo (CA) - Hard drive makers are quickly learning to deal with the economic downturn by lowering their cost.

reviews - JULY 18 38

What can flash SSDs do for high-end enterprise storage? To find out, we compared eight state-of-the-art Seagate Cheetah 15K.5 drives with eight MemoRight flash SSDs in RAID setups.

news - JULY 17 2

San Jose (CA) - Samsung and Sun Microsoystems today said that the two companies have developed a single-level-cell NAND flash memory device for use in solid state drives that offers "much higher endurance...

news - JULY 17 0

Irvine (CA) - Toshiba has upgraded its 2.

news - JULY 16 10

Chicago (IL) - A group of scientists has conducted experiments utilizing deep ocean-floor drilling to show that volcanic rocks located off of the West Coast of the U.

reviews - JULY 16 19

Remember RAIDCore? The flexible storage architecture is now available as a software package that transforms many motherboard SATA controllers into top-notch RAID solutions. And you can plug in a hardware...

reviews - JULY 14 40

Acknowledging that our initial article on the efficiency of Flash SSDs was based on an inaccurate test procedure for battery runtime, we looked at more SSDs and HDDs. Our conclusion, however, was not far off,...

news - JULY 11 6

Scotts Valley (CA) - Seagate reclaims storage capacity leadership in the hard drive market with a 1.

news - JULY 9 7

San Jose (CA) - Hitachi renovated its 3.

news - JULY 9 4

Seoul (Korea) - Samsung today said that it has begun mass producing 1.

reviews - JULY 9 12

The capacity gap between 2.5" notebook drives and 3.5" hard disk drives is closing. We look at the latest 500GB drives from Hitachi and Samsung, which unfortunately fail to impress.

news - JULY 7 2

A new generation of high capacity optical discs could be on the way as Pioneer claims to have developed read-only disc media with 16 layers and a total capacity of 400 GB.