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Storage - Page 50


Whether you're looking for a safe way to store and share your family photos, or high-speed access for mission-critical data, or something in between, we can provide you with the information and benchmarks to find a storage solution for your needs.

news - JUNE 18 0

Following the speculated DRAM production issues on 66nm process node at Hynix Semiconductor, rival Samsung Electronics is also said to have a large batch of DRAM chips being rejected by customers.

news - JUNE 13 0

This year Computex Taipei 2008 was abuzz with discussions about transitions in the market from conventional hard-disk drives (HDD) to solid-state drives (SSD), with players in the upstream and downstream market...

news - JUNE 9 3

Auburn (CA) - Most small businesses and consumers do not have elaborate disaster recovery plans in place, which means that their data may be at risk, especially if backups are stored nearby.

news - JUNE 9 0

Lite-On IT plans to offer external USB slim-type DVD burners in the third quarter of 2008, targeting owners of UMPCs (ultra mobile PCs), Eee PCs and other low-cost portable PCs that do not have built-in DVD...

news - JUNE 5 5

SonyNEC Optiarc is one of the key players in optical drives and related technology. We talked to the specialist to get some idea on when Blu-ray drives will have their breakthrough.

news - JUNE 4 0

Sandisk has introduced a line of flash memory-based solid-state drives (SSDs) that are designed for ultra low-cost PCs.

news - JUNE 4 0

Single-Level Cell flash memory (SLC) is fast and expensive, so Multi-level Cell flash (MLC) makes more sense to reach high capacities. Apacer now mixes both types to combine capacity and performance on a single...

news - JUNE 4 2

How familiar are you with SAS cabling? There aren’t only the internal data and power connectors, but fan-out cables, MiniSAS connectors based on Infiniband hardware, external PCI Express cabling and others....

news - JUNE 4 0

The HDD Docking Station is a known accessory, as it allows inserting a 3.5” drive into an external device and connecting to a PC via USB 2.0. The new version supports two drives at the same time and supports...

news - JUNE 4 0

Computex is all about hardware, hardware, hardware but you can always count on someone to provide a reprise from all the serious hardcore technology and it looks as though this year, this could effort should be...

news - JUNE 3 1

Small isn't always beautiful, but it is convenient. SanDisk is adding new, shriked Flash SSDs to its portfolio to be able to equip ultra-portable PCs and lowest-cost solutions with cheap flash storage instead...

news - JUNE 3 9

Taipei (Taiwan) - Intel has begun offering NAND flash-based solid state disk drives (SSDs) for mobile Internet devices (MIDs) and entry-level desktop and notebook computers, referred to as Nettops and netbooks.

reviews - JUNE 3 8

Hitachi’s Deskstar P7K500 battles the Western Digital GreenPower line for the title of king of balanced performance and power consumption.

news - JUNE 3 3

With Intel phasing out its Xscale processors, storage vendors have to look for other storage processors. Thecus, despite being an Intel Storage Member, decided to go with AMD’s Geode for its home NAS...

news - JUNE 3 0

3Gen seems to be just another NAS vendor. But its products, the IntelliNAS for four HDDs, and the 3Gen Restore, provide appealing value for SMBs and enthusiast users.

news - JUNE 3 0

Conventional SATA interfaces are too massive for 1.8“ or smaller drives, hence Supertalent has presented a 1.8“ 120-GB Flash SSD based on MicroSATA.

news - JUNE 3 0

While Hitachi was the first to release a terabyte 3.5” hard drive, the next generation desktop product hasn’t arrived. We saw the new 320-GB 7,200 RPM notebook drive and a new 15k Ultrastar with 450 GB...

news - JUNE 3 5

Flash memory has reached densities at which the manufacturers now focus on reducing the product size. Supertalent impressed us by providing its press release on the smallest thumb drive we’ve ever seen.

news - JUNE 3 0

Hard drive manufacture appear to be increasingly under pressure from advances in the solid state disk arena, with some manufacturers claiming that 512 GB drives will be available with current technologies.

news - JUNE 3 3

WD today announced its Scorpio Black series of 2.

reviews - JUNE 3 27

Our new component charts may not be perfect (we're working on that), but they're still full of useful information. Click here for our quick access guide.

news - JUNE 2 1

We encourage our readers to rate their favorite Computex 2008 product designs! Ten items made it through our pre-selection process, and it's yours to decide who will win the Gold and Silver Computex 2008 Design...

news - MAY 30 0

Tokyo (Japan) - TDK is expanding its family of solid state disk (SSD) drives with a microSATA version that will be available with 16 GB, 32 GB and 64 GB of capacity.

news - MAY 29 10

Call/Recall has announced it is developing a 1TB optical drive and disk, backwards compatible with Blu-ray, in partnership with with the Nichia Corporation of Japan.

news - MAY 29 1

Santa Clara (CA) - Despite continuing pricing pressure in the global flash industry, manufacturers are pushing hard to drive the technology further along: Intel and Micron are first to announce 34 nm NAND flash...

news - MAY 28 3

Lacie has increased the burn speeds of its d2 Blu-ray drive from a 2x to a 4x rating.