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Storage - Page 60


Whether you're looking for a safe way to store and share your family photos, or high-speed access for mission-critical data, or something in between, we can provide you with the information and benchmarks to find a storage solution for your needs.

reviews - MARCH 10 0

An external hard drive. A music and video player that can also stream audio to your FM car stereo. Mvix' Multimedia Center MV-5000U is all of these things.

news - MARCH 9 0

Matsushita, best known for its Panasonic consumer brand, today said that it is developing a higher capacity SD memory card.

news - MARCH 3 0

Seagate Technology recently unveiled the SV35, its latest hard disk drive (HDD) specifically for use in video security monitoring systems, with launch scheduled for next month.

reviews - MARCH 3 0

The latest 2.5" drives by Fujitsu, Samsung, Seagate and Toshiba bring a breath of fresh air to the market. We took a close look at eight new models.

news - FEBRUARY 22 0

Fuji, Konica Minolta and Eastman Kodak today released the final specification of "Everplay," a set of rules that promises users to ensure compatibility of today's digital pictures and movies with future storage...

reviews - FEBRUARY 16 0

This week's announcement of the publication of a Trusted Platform Module implementation that enables TPM functionality to be shifted to hard disk drives, creates an intriguing scenario. Hard drive manufacturers...

news - FEBRUARY 13 0

Perpendicular recording will be a key technology to keep the capacity of hard disks growing in coming years. Seagate isn't wasting time upgrading its products: The company will be shipping a massive 12 GB 1"...

news - FEBRUARY 10 0

Phones with the ability to take images, both still and video, have captured about 40% of the wireless phone market, according to a recent report by In-Stat.

reviews - FEBRUARY 8 0

Open-E says its storage area network (SAN) solution can turn any computer into a powerful and flexible iSCSI target - all for a reasonable price. We look at what iSCSI can do for small- to medium-sized...

reviews - FEBRUARY 6 1

In its new 10,000 RPM Raptor drive, Western Digital improved the technology, doubled the capacity to 150 GB, and added a clear cover option. It hammers single drive competitors, of course, but can it stand up...

news - FEBRUARY 3 0

Teac on February 2 (in the US) announced the launch of external 1" portable USB 2.0 hard disk drives in 4 GB and 8 GB capacities.

reviews - FEBRUARY 3 0

TeraByte drives do not need to be slim and sexy, because their capacity of almost 1,000 GB speaks for itself. We looked under the hood of two amazing storage mammoths by LaCie and Maxtor.

news - JANUARY 27 0

Western Digital (WD) announced that it has expanded its mobile and desktop hard disk families. New in the catalog are a 120 GB 2.5" drive that is available with EIDE or SATA interface and spins its platters...

news - JANUARY 27 0

San Diego-based Sabio Digital has introduced a consumer-level storage device capable of storing one teraByte and up worth of data. The Sabio Storage CM-4 box sports an Intel Xscale 400 megahertz processor and...

reviews - JANUARY 23 0

Acard's rackmount storage appliance uses SATA hard drives, but connects to the host system with an UltraSCSI interface. Is this the right mix for small businesses?

news - JANUARY 20 0

Modern compact discs are remarkable storage devices, but because data on these discs are just as optical as scratches are, serious scratches can invalidate tracks or entire discs.

news - JANUARY 20 0

From Reuters

news - JANUARY 20 0

Samsung claims it has completed the "technical development" of upcoming Blu-ray disc drives intended for use in PCs. The drives will go into production soon, but will not to support the full feature set of...

news - JANUARY 16 0

Seagate today announced its first commercial hard drive that uses perpendicular recording technology. The new 2.5" form factor Momentus 5400.3 drive stores 160 GB on two platters and will be available in volume...

news - JANUARY 13 0

Fujitsu announced that it will be expanding its portfolio of 2.5" hard disk and entering the 1.8" drive business to take advantage of the fastest growing segment of the market. Among the announced products are...

news - JANUARY 11 0

Sony claims it is the first manufacturer of tape drives that integrate a SATA interface.

news - JANUARY 11 0

Maxtor has shown off its new Shared Storage Plus device for the Mac at this week's Macworld in San Francisco. The network storage drive allows Mac users to backup their photos, videos and other files. A print...

news - JANUARY 6 1

With literally millions of content items finding their way in the digital stream to various CE platforms over the coming months and years, there never has been a better time than today to be in the storage...

news - JANUARY 3 0

Western Digital (WD) today announced that it has doubled the size of its Raptor harddrive. Already considered to be the best performing SATA device available today, the manufacturer enhanced the drive with I/O...

reviews - JANUARY 2 0

Adaptec, Areca and Promise are currently the only controller manufacturers that offer RAID 6 support, providing double drive failure redundancy and high-grade data safety. However, not all of them perform as...