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Tablets - Page 10


Today’s tablets sport a variety of different hardware architectures and can come equipped with Windows, Android, or iOS. How are you supposed to know which combination is best? We get the latest tablets in our lab and test their speed, battery life, display quality, and usability for you.

news - OCTOBER 19 4

Amazon is now shipping the Wi-Fi version of its new Kindle Fire HDX tablet.

news - OCTOBER 19 2

Nvidia's streaming technology comes out of beta this month.

news - OCTOBER 18 4

Do you have one of Amazon's newest Kindles on your wish list?

news - OCTOBER 17 8

LG has launched a new 8.3 inch Android tablet.

news - OCTOBER 17 10

LG's G Pad is launching just in time to make it onto wishlists.

news - OCTOBER 17 6

Later this month Lenovo is launching the successor to its Miix Windows 8 tablet.

news - OCTOBER 16 26

Several Surface tablets won't ship until December.

news - OCTOBER 16 15

Peering into the depths of the Kindle Fire HDX.

news - OCTOBER 16 4

Tesco's Hudl tablet has some competition.

news - OCTOBER 16 1

Sony has launched a number of touch-enabled devices.

news - OCTOBER 16 10

If Google is going to track your device use, you might as well be rewarded for it.

news - OCTOBER 15 14

Microsoft's solution could connect mobile to desktop.

news - OCTOBER 15 6

New iPads in time for the holiday shopping season?

news - OCTOBER 15 4

3DMark for Windows RT is now available, just days ahead of the Surface 2 release.

news - OCTOBER 12 24

HP CEO Meg Whitman states what has become obvious since the launch of the first Surface tablets.

news - OCTOBER 12 18

Archos is already updating the six-month-old GamePad.

news - OCTOBER 11 9

Nokia is teasing new products that will be revealed during Nokia World later this month.

news - OCTOBER 11 1

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news - OCTOBER 10 11

Fujitsu reveals a line of Windows 8.1 devices, many with high-res screens.

news - OCTOBER 9 30

Microsoft may be handing out Windows Phone and Windows RT free to Android device makers for a dual-boot scenario.

news - OCTOBER 9 16

Is Apple preparing for its second event in as many months?

news - OCTOBER 8 0

Three UK is selling the newest Nexus 7.

news - OCTOBER 8 5

Now you can walk into Best Buy and purchase Razer's hot gaming notebook and tablet.

news - OCTOBER 5 7

Archos is launching new Platinum tablets this month.

news - OCTOBER 4 6

Two separate reports indicate that Amazon's "Firetube" set-top-box will arrive before the holidays.

news - OCTOBER 3 0

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