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Tablets - Page 29


Today’s tablets sport a variety of different hardware architectures and can come equipped with Windows, Android, or iOS. How are you supposed to know which combination is best? We get the latest tablets in our lab and test their speed, battery life, display quality, and usability for you.

news - JANUARY 28 7

Also sports LTE connectivity and NFC, which is lacking in other models.

news - JANUARY 28 61

Sensor would detect and record a wearer's usage habits.

news - JANUARY 28 9

Samsung, Apple and Nokia named the top three vendors.

news - JANUARY 27 22

Surface Pro launching in February.

news - JANUARY 27 32

Nearly 48 million iPhone units sold during 2012's fourth quarter, alongside sales of 22.9 million iPad units.

news - JANUARY 27 11

Teams within Microsoft are fighting over whether Windows RT should have a standalone Outlook client.

news - JANUARY 26 6

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news - JANUARY 26 11

Powered by 1 GHz dual-core processor.

news - JANUARY 26 6

Mid-ranged device powered by dual-core 1GHz processor.

news - JANUARY 26 58

Market capitalization exceeded by oil and gas firm Exxon Mobil.

news - JANUARY 25 12

Profits increased by 76 percent during last three months of 2012.

news - JANUARY 25 36

Guangdong Real Faith Pingzhou Electronics reported to authorities.

news - JANUARY 25 27

Windows division enjoyed revenue increase of 24 percent from 2011's fourth quarter.

news - JANUARY 25 8

Spectrum is part of U.S. carrier's 700MHz B block.

news - JANUARY 25 71

Librarian of Congress's 90-day window ends on Saturday.

news - JANUARY 25 10

Intel and Lenovo are getting serious about smartphones... together

news - JANUARY 25 14

808 PureView handset is the last device to launch with Symbian.

news - JANUARY 25 1

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news - JANUARY 25 4

Following touch input, 3D input could become a major new trend. Microsoft is rumored to be working on Kinect-like features for Windows-based PCs and tablets, but the company is playing with alternative...

news - JANUARY 25 10

Priced at $39.99, the WL-330NUL launch is scheduled for February 14.

news - JANUARY 25 7

7-inch and 10-inch models set to be unveiled.

news - JANUARY 25 16

iPhone 5 demand said to be considerably weakening.

news - JANUARY 25 8

Search giant was granted a patent for a flip-out smartwatch in 2012.

news - JANUARY 25 11

Dividend won't be payed in 2013 to save costs.

news - JANUARY 25 10

Lenovo's CFO has admitted that RIM is one of many possible acquisitions being considered by the PC maker.