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Tablets - Page 60


Today’s tablets sport a variety of different hardware architectures and can come equipped with Windows, Android, or iOS. How are you supposed to know which combination is best? We get the latest tablets in our lab and test their speed, battery life, display quality, and usability for you.

news - OCTOBER 4 10

Device is apparently based on Android-powered ZTE V788D smartphone.

news - OCTOBER 4 17

Prices range from $799 to $999.

news - OCTOBER 4 13

This new smartphone is a refreshed model of HTC One S.

news - OCTOBER 4 41

Velvin Hogan was sued by former employee Seagate, as well as a personal bankruptcy filing.

news - OCTOBER 4 21

Those interested can customize the tablet via several upgrade components.

news - OCTOBER 4 10

Razer hasn't forgotten about Fiona.

news - OCTOBER 4 9

We check out LG's next flagship device.

news - OCTOBER 4 10

Could we see an iPad Mini before the year's end?

news - OCTOBER 4 23

Latest rumors say a smaller Galaxy S III is on the horizon.

news - OCTOBER 4 54

He correctly predicted rise in popularity of personal computers more than 25 years ago.

news - OCTOBER 3 14

T-Mobile USA announced that it will merge with MetroPCS and add 9.3 million new customers to its base of 33.2 million customers.

news - OCTOBER 3 27

iPhone 2G, though, contains the most toxics.

news - OCTOBER 3 11

Google has patented a smart watch with two flip-up screens, a touchpad, wireless connectivity and possible augmented reality features.

news - OCTOBER 3 16

Google's mobile platform claims 52.6 percent of market.

news - OCTOBER 3 16

Could Intel and Nvidia be looking to acquire be acquire Chinese chip makers?

news - OCTOBER 3 26

Software developer Ameranth says Apple has been aware of the patents allegedly violated.

news - OCTOBER 3 10

No reason given for withdrawal of entire second ITC complaint.

news - OCTOBER 3 17

A Microsoft Surface smartphone may be in the works as well, hitting store shelves in the first half of 2013.

news - OCTOBER 3 40

Latest Android version Jelly Bean owns just a 1.8 percent share.

news - OCTOBER 3 20

Firm boasts over 80 million BlackBerry users around the globe.

news - OCTOBER 3 23

More storage and longer lasting battery life in the refreshed version of HTC's flagship smartphone.

news - OCTOBER 2 16

Over 100 million iOS users have adopted Apple's latest mobile OS.

news - OCTOBER 2 38

Case will go to trial in 2014.

news - OCTOBER 2 39

Have you ever wondered how much the continues charging of your smartphone costs?

news - OCTOBER 2 16

Samsung gets another chance in the courtroom.

news - OCTOBER 2 22

Will Apple go widescreen with its upcoming iPad?