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Windows 8 - Page 11


In an effort to bridge the divide between desktops, notebooks, and tablets, Microsoft’s Windows 8 operating system is very touch-oriented. Our software news, reviews, and guides help you get the most out of the company’s newest environment so that you never have to feel lost.

news - NOVEMBER 5 8

Here's a new AIO Windows 8 Pro desktop from Acer focused on the professional environment.

news - NOVEMBER 5 7

We check out Microsoft's Windows 8-ready Sculpt Touch Mouse and Sculpt Mobile Keyboard.

reviews - NOVEMBER 5 43

We bought Microsoft's Surface the day it came out, and we're ready with first impressions and benchmarks. Does the company enable a truly productivity-oriented experience to complement content consumption, or...

reviews - NOVEMBER 4 42

There were two major questions that came from readers after we published our comprehensive Windows 8 review, and we want to expound on what you get with the Media Center/Pro packs regarding media playback, and...

news - NOVEMBER 3 38

Only way to deliver notifications on mobile platform is through an app that uses Live Tiles.

news - NOVEMBER 3 21

Acer has invested a considerable amount of time and money into touch-enabled devices powered by Windows 8.

news - NOVEMBER 3 38

Prices for devices such as Microsoft's Surface said to deter consumers.

news - NOVEMBER 1 14

Over 30,000 devices compatible with Surface tablet.

news - NOVEMBER 1 17

Acer says we won't see its RT line until at least Q2 2013.

news - OCTOBER 31 4

Offering gift cards that can be spent at its online store.

reviews - OCTOBER 31 109

Shortly after AMD's Bulldozer architecture launched, AMD had us anticipating a couple of hotfixes that were supposed to improve FX-8150's performance. But Windows 8 was the ultimate goal. Now that the operating...

news - OCTOBER 30 52

Software giant spending up to $1.5 billion to advertise operating system.

reviews - OCTOBER 30 182

The new version of Windows is now available on store shelves, and we have the complete lowdown on Microsoft's latest operating system. Join us as we thoroughly dissect the Windows 8 UI (Metro), Apps, Desktop,...

news - OCTOBER 30 38

61 percent had "little or no interest" in purchasing a desktop or laptop with Windows 8 installed.

news - OCTOBER 28 13

Origin PC is now offering desktops and laptops with Windows 8 and touch-based peripherals.

news - OCTOBER 27 42

Google offers a two-step process in switching over to Google Search and Chrome.

news - OCTOBER 27 7

DisplayLink products are now compatible with Windows 8.

news - OCTOBER 26 19

The $2,499.99 version of the Razer Blade now comes with Windows 8.

news - OCTOBER 26 11

Start the weekend right with these deals from LogicBUY.

news - OCTOBER 26 15

Europeans won't have to find an alternative source for Skyrim or Modern Warfare, after all.

news - OCTOBER 26 64

Windows 8 day has arrived!

news - OCTOBER 26 24

Check out Tom's Guide's latest story on Windows 8 tips and tricks.

news - OCTOBER 26 19

Steve Ballmer and Michael Dell talk all things Windows 8, including Dell's reaction to the Surface tablet.

reviews - OCTOBER 26 202

We already know that the look and feel of Windows 8 is very different from Windows 7. But once you fire up your favorite title, does Microsoft's latest affect your experience? We test 10 games and talk to one...

news - OCTOBER 26 46

Windows 8 will have an even harder time dragging stubborn users away from Windows XP.

news - OCTOBER 26 25

Microsoft will crank out more of its own hardware if needed.