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Software - Page 113


What is the best free anti-virus, the perfect software for data backup, or the best photo editing application? Tom's Hardware offers regular themed selections to keep you informed and help you make the best choice.

news - OCTOBER 23 54

Microsoft released Windows 7 yesterday, and with it came a new ad for the company's I'm a PC campaign.

news - OCTOBER 23 18

Now you can have a Coca-Cola vs Pepsi match on your desktop theme.

news - OCTOBER 23 21

Happy Windows 7 day!

news - OCTOBER 23 29

Just in case you still have some applications that demand XP.

news - OCTOBER 23 79


news - OCTOBER 22 70

Buckle up, 'technology fans'! While Microsoft launches Windows 7 today, Apple may be quietly working on an ad-supported Mac OS X.

news - OCTOBER 22 12

Rejoice! A new Windows is upon us!

news - OCTOBER 22 28

Bargains, guys, BARGAINS.

news - OCTOBER 22 178

Ready to wipe Vista away and upgrade to Windows 7?

picture story - OCTOBER 22 34

Although DirectX 11 will be released with Windows 7, Microsoft wants to delay deployment for Vista until Service Pack 3 and is artificially preventing the installation. Tom’s Hardware shows you how to upgrade...

news - OCTOBER 22 33

Or money and money, if you will.

news - OCTOBER 22 28

Touch it! Feel it!

news - OCTOBER 20 120

PC gamers won't like this.

news - OCTOBER 20 33

What can we expect from Seth and the Microsoft crew? Stewie tweeting, that's what.

news - OCTOBER 20 45

Microsoft is opening the doors of its first brick-and-mortar store this week and yes, there will be a special celebrity guest. Drum-roll, please! This Thursday, Microsoft presents Windows 7 and Ashley Tisdale!

news - OCTOBER 19 40

Phew, now we can put down our pitchforks and torches.

reviews - OCTOBER 19 38

This is the second part of our Linux Software Roundup. Part one covered Internet Apps. Today we'll be looking at Communications Apps. This includes personal information managers, email clients, instant...

news - OCTOBER 17 215

Can Windows' underpinnings beat out OS X's BSD heritage?

news - OCTOBER 16 22

L4D2 on Nov3.

news - OCTOBER 16 15

Good news for the folks eager to run Google's Android OS, Acer has released its very first Android netbook. The bad news is that you're not escaping Windows just yet.

news - OCTOBER 16 17

BioWare and EA said that Mass Effect 2 will launch next year.

news - OCTOBER 16 13

I can't wait to be a Windows 7 mallrat.

news - OCTOBER 16 33

Dell Mini 10? Maybe not.

news - OCTOBER 16 156

Apple seems confident.

news - OCTOBER 15 24

A penguin for your troubles.

news - OCTOBER 15 9

CULV makes another thin and light.