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Laptops - Page 52


Whether you're looking for extreme portability, high-performance gaming on-the-go, a portable workstation replacement, or the best value on a budget, Tom's Hardware has the reviews, specifications, and benchmarks to help you find what matters most to you in a laptop.

news - OCTOBER 7 21

Here it is, hot off the press! The latest rumor regarding Apple's tablet says the device will be manufactured by Foxconn and will ship at the beginning of next year.

news - OCTOBER 6 58

That's right, you NEED a new laptop.

news - OCTOBER 5 32

There has been enough rumors about an Apple tablet to last a lifetime. It's a sad day when that alone makes these leaks about new iMacs and MacBooks refreshing.

news - OCTOBER 2 17

A recent patent application filed in LA has kicked the Apple tablet rumor mill into overdrive.

news - OCTOBER 1 38

Recent reports say that Cupertino-based Apple is setting out to redefine print with its yet to be confirmed tablet.

news - OCTOBER 1 11

Ultrathin and lights to get some more cores.

news - SEPTEMBER 29 23

Dell's Latitude Z has a nice spec list and is over all, a really hot looking laptop but there are a few features in there that set it apart from your average notebook.

news - SEPTEMBER 29 11

Because it wouldn't be right if there wasn't at least one Apple tablet rumor a week, now would it?

news - SEPTEMBER 28 16

Windows 7 Ultimate on a netbook? Sure, if you want.

news - SEPTEMBER 28 32

There have been rumors about a new, polycarbonate MacBook for a while and the most recent iteration of those reports say we'll see a redesigned version of the white MacBook as well as new iMacs sometime in the...

news - SEPTEMBER 26 39

Intel's open-sourced Mobin 2.1 operating system could give Microsoft some trouble in the desktop and mobile markets.

news - SEPTEMBER 24 29

New chips are faster than old chips. That's progress for you.

news - SEPTEMBER 24 28

Is this the Ion you've been waiting for?

news - SEPTEMBER 24 3

More pictures from IDF.

news - SEPTEMBER 23 34

Alienware says that the new M15x is the world's most powerful 15-inch notebook.

news - SEPTEMBER 23 16

Intel has said that the company is working on an application store for the Atom processor.

news - SEPTEMBER 23 26

Finally! A tablet rumor that doesn't involve Apple. It's like a mid-week miracle.

news - SEPTEMBER 22 25

Extreme multitasking with extreme laptop touching!

news - SEPTEMBER 22 11

The new mSATA connector will enable credit-card sized SSDs.

news - SEPTEMBER 21 34

A recent leak has shown us a little of what Asus is planning on doing with its Eee PC line and we gotta say, we like what we're seeing.

news - SEPTEMBER 19 26

The hype about 3D gaming rages on as rumors about 3D offerings from both HP and Dell hit the web.

news - SEPTEMBER 18 25

It's the Dr. Dre edition.

news - SEPTEMBER 16 8

This Tablet wants you to touch it all over.

news - SEPTEMBER 16 33

A recent test shows that Internet Explorer 8 provides more laptop battery time than Firefox, Chrome, and other browsers.

news - SEPTEMBER 16 10

400 nits could be bright enough to stay with you to work while you play.

news - SEPTEMBER 15 9

Touch it. Feel it. It can sense your fingers.