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Smartphones - Page 80


The latest Smartphones truly do deliver portable computing in the palm of your hand. With so many options to choose from, let Tom's Hardware help you find the perfect Smartphone and Apps to suit your needs.

news - AUGUST 23 8

Everybody do the executive shuffle!

news - AUGUST 23 0

Sit tight, 4G is coming. You'll just have to wait a while.

news - AUGUST 23 7

Bringing us one step closer to owning our very own version of Tony Stark's Jarvis.

news - AUGUST 22 19

T-Mobile and MetroPCS are offering unlimited data plans, but the latter is a limited time-only deal.

news - AUGUST 22 20

Verizon needs all hands on deck at the end of September. What could that possibly be about?

news - AUGUST 22 15

Launching soon is a touchscreen-based notebook packed with Android "Ice Cream Sandwich," and a USB stick-sized mini PC featuring Android ICS as well.

news - AUGUST 22 14

Philips screws, non-glued parts and repairable LCDs oh joy!

news - AUGUST 21 39

As Apple's stock crossed the $660 mark and continued to climb driven by iPhone 5 rumors, the company became the world's most valuable company that is not owned by a government entity.

news - AUGUST 21 20

Leaked specs indicate that the next Nexus phone will be a slight upgrade to the original Galaxy Nexus.

news - AUGUST 21 11

Microsoft has high hopes for the Surface.

news - AUGUST 21 5

New Galaxy Note already available to UK customers via Carphone Warehouse.

news - AUGUST 21 6

Sometimes, a patent does not really require an entirely new idea.

news - AUGUST 21 16

If only it were this easy...

news - AUGUST 20 26

Windows Phone stands to gain from BlackBerry OS's steady decline.

news - AUGUST 20 16

Desperate for a glimpse of Samsung's Galaxy Note 2? The company has released a video offering a peek (just a peek!) at its upcoming tablet/phone.

news - AUGUST 20 19

Lenovo North America boss talks about the competitive pricing of Windows RT devices.

news - AUGUST 20 52

Samsung challenges iOS patents with tech from far back as 2001.

news - AUGUST 20 29

Sources are siting sluggish performance with Windows RT tablets.

news - AUGUST 20 16

Apple's iTV service may involve a web-based DVR for storing and playing live content from cable operators.

news - AUGUST 19 2

The new Mobility Global Business Unit will be run by former Nokia exec Alberto Torres, and focus on consumer tablets and other categories.

news - AUGUST 19 16

GameStop isn't supporting consoles with its game streaming service slated to launch next year.

news - AUGUST 19 16

Looks like the Galaxy S III is getting a shiny new coat of paint and a storage upgrade to boot.

news - AUGUST 18 23

Kickstarter project hopes to create portable, efficient solar generator.

news - AUGUST 18 14

New iPods are coming, will it also have a new nano?

news - AUGUST 18 19

Is this Ice Cream Sandwich-flavored slate just another "me-too" device with a stylus? We take a closer look at the newest and biggest Note in the family.