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Storage - Page 22


Whether you're looking for a safe way to store and share your family photos, or high-speed access for mission-critical data, or something in between, we can provide you with the information and benchmarks to find a storage solution for your needs.

news - DECEMBER 2 52

Just one building is back, but the rest is still in pretty wet and damaged shape.

news - DECEMBER 2 8

Samsung is adding mSATA SSDs to its PM830 line, slated for ultrabooks and similar form factors.

reviews - DECEMBER 1 60

Flash-based solid-state drives with more than 64 or 128 GB of capacity are fairly small, but they're still really expensive relative to hard drives. Compressing the Windows partition frees up some space, but is...

news - NOVEMBER 30 13

OCZ Technology has announced the release of it Talos 2 Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) SSD Series for the enterprise market.

news - NOVEMBER 30 32

Seagate has improved upon the original Momentus XT hybrid drive with double the NAND and a SATA 6 Gbps interface.

news - NOVEMBER 29 25

An FPGA development board was used in a man-in-the-middle attack in obtaining and transmitting an encrypted signal from an HDMI port.

news - NOVEMBER 29 36

The global supply for hard drives will fall 70 million units short of the 180 million needed in 4Q11.

news - NOVEMBER 26 82

Did you know that each sperm carries the equivalent of 37.5 MB of DNA data? Imagine the throughput of hundreds of million sperm!

reviews - NOVEMBER 25 99

We use a ton of terms to quantify storage performance. If you're a gamer, you have to be wonder how such dry terminology can apply to having fun. Rather than telling you, we're going to dissect three more...

news - NOVEMBER 24 15

LSI Corporation introduces a SAS 12 Gb/s interface geared to the future needs of the server market.

news - NOVEMBER 23 47

A drop in the bucket Western Digital plans to fight on principle, if one can call it that.

news - NOVEMBER 23 27

Intel set to provide TRIM support for Rapid Storage Technology (RST) based on its Alpha release notes.

reviews - NOVEMBER 23 59

Welcome to the sixth iteration of our highest-ranked SSDs at any given price point. We updated our recommendations to reflect the recent price drops on second-gen SandForce hardware. There are several good...

news - NOVEMBER 23 34

Seagate has just lowered its shipment forecast for Q4 again.

news - NOVEMBER 21 31

Tablets using flash drives in thin form factor formats is painful for HHD manufacturers.

news - NOVEMBER 20 91

Hard drive production may be back to pre-flood levels by the end of 2012, claims Seagate's CEO.

news - NOVEMBER 16 30

Over the past weekend, OCZ Technology released more details on its new OCZ Octane SSDs based on the Indilinx Everest controller.

news - NOVEMBER 15 31

Fusion-io has doubled the storage capacity in its ioMemory product line with its 10 TB ioDrive Octal.

news - NOVEMBER 11 56

Researchers at Stanford University have an idea how to overcome latency and performance bottlenecks of hard drive and solid state disk-based storage systems.

news - NOVEMBER 11 13

Kingston has released its SSDNow V200 Series SSDs, which offers twice the performance as the V100 series and up to 20 percent less in cost.

news - NOVEMBER 10 26

OCZ Technology has released its MAX IOPS versions of the RevoDrive 3 and RevoDrive 3 X2 SSDs based on a PCI Express x4 interface

reviews - NOVEMBER 10 38

With rated write performance as high as 10 MB/s and capacities as high as 32 GB, there's plenty of choice in the microSDHC marketplace. Do the contenders actually hit their performance targets? Interestingly,...

news - NOVEMBER 10 73

The ongoing shortage of hard disk drive supply is expected to worsen and peak in early 2012, analysts expect.

reviews - NOVEMBER 3 25

Advanced Format technology makes it possible to build 9.5 mm high 2.5” hard disks with 500 GB per platter. The result is a range of slim and speedy storage giants.

news - NOVEMBER 2 21

Seagate announced that it will be cutting the Barracuda XT and Green drives next year to simplify the lineup.

news - NOVEMBER 1 14

Intel has released an updated version to the Intel SSD Toolbox (Version 3.0) for use by Intel SSD users.

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