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Android - Page 43


Google’s Android operating system powers everything from Smartphones to Tablets to Netbooks. Tom’s Hardware is dedicated to getting all of the latest devices, testing them, and passing along our impressions to make you a more informed shopper.

news - JUNE 13 0

Here's your daily dose of deals to make your Wednesday afternoon go by a little bit faster.

news - JUNE 12 45

Never mind quad-core, is questioning dual-core chips with Android.

news - JUNE 8 16

Asus' Padfone gets another docking station accessory.

news - JUNE 7 20

The upcoming Wikipad gaming tablet will feature Nvidia's Tegra 3.

news - JUNE 5 8

Asus has taken the wraps off three rather unusual computers at Computex in Taipei.

news - JUNE 1 14

Intel and Orange's San Diego gets the benchmarking treatment a week ahead of its launch.

news - JUNE 1 12

Europe to get its first taste of Android-flavored Medfield next week.

news - MAY 31 18

ViewSonic will be showing a 22-inch Android tablet at the upcoming Computex tradeshow in Taipei.

news - MAY 31 6

One of the most well-known internet payments sites is branching out into the real world.

news - MAY 31 7

Lenovo is releasing a lightweight Android tablet in early June sporting "amped up" multimedia features.

news - MAY 30 12

There is a good chance that Asus will we unveiling a new Transformer tablet at Computex tomorrow.

news - MAY 30 4

A benchmark result on Rightware's Power Board points to an Asus-made Google tablet.

news - MAY 30 35

LG debuts its answer to Apple's Retina Display.

news - MAY 30 11

Despite delays in some regions, Samsung's Galaxy S III is finally on sale.

news - MAY 28 7

Just in time for the Galaxy S III launch, Samsung's celebrating the launch of several new pop-up stores around London.

news - MAY 27 11

An incentive to line up early.

news - MAY 25 11

Prepare yourself for Tegra 3 plus LTE.

news - MAY 25 14

Could North America be getting some Galaxy SIII action in less than a month?

news - MAY 24 15

You might want to hold off on that tablet purchase for the moment...

news - MAY 24 5

Sadly it's not available in gold, silver, and bronze.

news - MAY 24 23

We don't have official numbers worldwide, but we do know it's a record breaker in the UK.

news - MAY 23 22

Google's CEO takes Project Glass for a test drive.

news - MAY 22 59

It's almost like hooking up an Android smartphone to your HDTV, only with mouse and keyboard support.

news - MAY 19 50

Looking for a USB-shaped PC? One has already hit the market while a beefier, more costly offering is on the way.

news - MAY 18 34

Anonymous source talks Galaxy S III pre-orders.

news - MAY 18 29

How much RAM does your smartphone have?