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Graphics - Page 40


Whether you're interested in games, CGI movies, or the latest hardware to push your pixels, Tom's Hardware provides you with the latest news in graphics.

news - MARCH 30 30

Last Thursday, ATI released a 392-page PDF (v1.0 dated March 2009) outlining the Instruction Set Architecture (ISA) native to the R700 family, and display a difference between the Radeon HD 4870 and the Radeon...

news - MARCH 30 15

Looks like Nvidia's upcoming GeForce GTX 275 is peeking out of its cage, gracing online retail shops... or at least, that was originally the case.

reviews - MARCH 30 71

Liquid cooling has practically become a necessity for overclocking 3-way SLI systems. Zotac offers its pre-overclocked GeForce GTX 285 Infinity Edition as an example.

news - MARCH 27 24

A nice break from the he said, she said of Intel’s recent lawsuit with AMD is Intel’s lawsuit with Nvidia. The latter has filed a counter-suit against Intel claiming a breach of contract.

news - MARCH 26 98

Things in life change, and so do things in the IT industry. The previous three or four years around the early 2000's, was somewhat slow in growth. But in the last two years, things have really picked up again.

news - MARCH 25 30

German website is currently listing a 40nm ATI Radeon HD 4750, listing the RV740 GPU and other specifics

news - MARCH 24 14

A few years ago, AMD demonstrated hardware-based physics running on a GPU. Now it seems that the company is dipping its toes back into those waters again at GDC 2009.

news - MARCH 24 27

Could this be the start of the “one console future”? It could be, and it’s one that will let you run Crysis on your $200 netbook.

news - MARCH 23 11

Last week MSI introduced its R4600 HDMI series, five cards capable of full 1080p support for those looking to build the perfect Home Theater PC.

reviews - MARCH 23 95

With the launch of Larrabee only a few months off, here’s a look at the architecture of Intel’s much-talked-about discrete GPU. How does it look on paper? In what ways is it similar to, and different from...

news - MARCH 20 39

Although the specifications were not officially announced, details regarding the upcoming GeForce GTX 275 have surfaced.

news - MARCH 20 13

There is a nifty little trick that can enable SLI on a non-SLI motherboard by simply flashing the BIOS.

news - MARCH 20 155

There's no real shortage of processors and graphics cards these days. For every application and intent of building, there's a CPU and GPU that will fit your needs, and budget.

news - MARCH 19 32

Like a huge slap in the face to ATI, rival company Nvidia has signed a "tools and middleware" license agreement with Nintendo, bringing PhysX technology to the Wii console.

news - MARCH 19 25

There's talk that the latest batch of AMD's Radeon HD 4830 GPUs may be the last, as many partners wouldn't even let the chips come in through the front door. As it stands, it looks as though the 4830 will be...

news - MARCH 18 15

While looking into implementations of PhysX, we spoke to Nvidia this week and discovered that Apple's iPhone fully supports PhysX.

news - MARCH 18 23

Will ATI's Catalyst 9.3 drivers--set to go live today--be the industry's first unified driver with Windows 7 support? The company says "yes."

news - MARCH 18 67

Both AMD and Nvidia are recently nearly neck to neck in terms of graphics performance. If you are fortunate enough to own a card from either company, you no doubt are able to play the latest games without a...

reviews - MARCH 18 146

Whatever happened to the promise of immersive 64-bit gaming? Chris Angelini explores the technology's background, interviews Microsoft's Chuck Walbourn, and benchmarks several games in an effort to gauge the...

news - MARCH 17 2

Due to a lackluster economy, Nvidia may be delaying or even canceling its Nvision convention in San Jose this year.

news - MARCH 17 25

Nobody likes to lose money in this economy, whether it's a dwindling IRA account due to falling stock values, or faulty GPUs sold using crappy packaging.

reviews - MARCH 17 88

In this month's recommendations, we consider Nvidia's GeForce GTS 250 refresh, falling prices for the Radeon HD 4870, and AMD's updates to the Radeon 4000 series--including the rumored Radeon HD 4770.

news - MARCH 13 17

While Intel and Nvidia continue to take swings at one another over who has the best netbook platform, Via introduces a new energy-efficient chipset that has potential to outshine both

news - MARCH 12 27

Although ATI reduced the price of its Radeon HD 4870 last week to better compete with Nvidia's GTS 250 rebranding, apparently ATI's partners don't think the price reduction is such a good idea.

news - MARCH 12 18

AMD is worried that the Nvidia 9600M/MacBook Pro heat issues could negatively impact the entire GPU industry.

news - MARCH 12 13

The Intel Atom isn’t a powerhouse processor – this we know and accept. But its multimedia capabilities could be helped with video acceleration, which is where Nvidia hopes to jump in with its Ion chipset....