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Monitors - Page 18


Monitors are the part of your computer you interact with the most. Tom's Hardware provides the benchmarks and information you need to de-mystify the specifications and technologies of current monitors, allowing you to find the perfect monitor for your application.

news - SEPTEMBER 16 10

400 nits could be bright enough to stay with you to work while you play.

news - SEPTEMBER 14 38

Do you think that this is the future of gaming?

news - SEPTEMBER 11 108

Do you really have the desk space for all this? Yeah, we'd make room for it too.

news - SEPTEMBER 4 23

Don't we all love how cool prototypes look?

news - AUGUST 28 51

This could be the world's first laptop slider.

news - AUGUST 11 23

MacBook Pro is back in matte.

news - JULY 30 31

Dell's 'fine' deals turned out to be costly for the PC maker.

news - JULY 16 22

EVGA has interest the display market with its dual-monitor InterView.

news - JULY 15 32

Glassy screens be gone... please?

news - JULY 13 10

Windows 7 brings Surface home.

news - JULY 7 20

Those 'fine' deals could cost Dell.

news - JULY 1 28

Alienware's new monitor is a... monitor.

news - JUNE 30 11

It can sense you.

news - JUNE 5 10

Panel makers at Computex are this year displaying all kinds of tasty multi-touch screens with support for Windows 7.

news - JUNE 5 34

NEC’s curved 43-inch monitor made a pretty big splash when the company first announced it. Now this beautiful monitor has a price and a release date and we find ourselves shying away.

news - JUNE 4 6

Finally, a way to compute outside in the blistering sunlight.

news - JUNE 2 37

Hitachi today demonstrated what it said will bring prices of LCD panels down significantly, while bringing quality up: hot cathode fluorescent lamps, or HCFL.

news - MAY 29 15

Could this be the next generation of laptop displays?

news - MAY 19 24

LG Display announced earlier this morning that it has successfully created the "world's thinnest" 42- and 47-inch LCD TV panels, measuring only 5.9 mm (.23 inches) thick.

news - MAY 8 36

Shinoda's 145-inch plasma display boasts a thickness of 1mm, and is even capable of a 720p resolution.

news - APRIL 29 47

Apparently PC widescreen displays aren't wide enough

news - APRIL 15 14

With a recession in full swing and 3-D display adoption at a crawl, Philips has decided to axe its 3-D display division.

news - APRIL 14 31

JVC is set to showcase its new 46-inch 3D monitor next week at the NAB show, however the device isn't necessarily geared towards the mainstream consumer... especially the wallet.

news - APRIL 7 17

Maximum PC didn't feel like shelling out $12,000 for Microsoft's Surface technology, so the staff made its own multi-touch table PC for only $350

news - MARCH 31 9

Dell finally makes good on its promise of outfitting the Mini 10 netbook with a 720p-capable screen.

news - MARCH 30 342

I remember when my 12-inch yellow monocrhome CRT monitor was the pinnacle of desktop display technology. Alas, those memorable days are gone.