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Software - Page 106


What is the best free anti-virus, the perfect software for data backup, or the best photo editing application? Tom's Hardware offers regular themed selections to keep you informed and help you make the best choice.

news - FEBRUARY 6 36

Microsoft refutes Dick Brass's comments; says everything is huge and awesome.

news - FEBRUARY 6 25

Hold off for a bit before buying Office 2007 -- Microsoft should announce a free upgrade offer starting in March.

news - FEBRUARY 6 29

Blizzard revealed a new character in a recent episode of Jace Hall.

news - FEBRUARY 5 21

A previous Microsoft VP blasts Microsoft for its uncreative environment.

news - FEBRUARY 5 96

Flash won't be replaced by HTML5 anytime soon, according to this CTO.

news - FEBRUARY 4 38

It's definitely no Konami code.

news - FEBRUARY 4 21

A recent casting call in Los Angeles reveals that Monolith is currently working on F.E.A.R. 3.

news - FEBRUARY 4 20

Where were you ten years ago?

news - FEBRUARY 4 8

Shuttle's upcoming J Series of small form factor PCs will come packed with a free copy of Red Faction: Guerrilla.

news - FEBRUARY 4 81

New world browser king, new shirt.

news - FEBRUARY 4 31

After one day, Star Trek Online servers are already overloaded.

news - FEBRUARY 4 39

The work on Windows is never done.

news - FEBRUARY 3 36

Microsoft's productivity suite hits Release Candidate, but it's a private party.

news - FEBRUARY 3 34

Microsoft is investigating the mounting reports that Windows 7 is having a negative effect on laptop batteries.

news - FEBRUARY 3 60

Today we're learned that Microsoft was investigating an issue concerning the battery life of notebooks running Windows 7.

news - FEBRUARY 2 26

Creative Labs has developed two Sound Blaster headsets with custom World of Warcraft themes.

news - FEBRUARY 2 45

Don't like the fact that the iPad can't multitask but have, for some reason, decided you're buying the device anyway? Well, rest easy because soon enough, you can run Windows 7 on your shiny Apple tablet and...

news - FEBRUARY 2 16

With all the buzz about the iPad, you'd think the world had never seen a tablet before. However, there are plenty of other companies with tablets on the market and even more with tablet devices in the works.

news - FEBRUARY 2 64

Well, they're not THAT colorful anymore.

news - FEBRUARY 2 89

The eternal debate in the hands of experts, most of whom share the same opinion.

news - FEBRUARY 2 24

Are you l33t enough to score the $1337?

news - FEBRUARY 1 28

The clock is ticking!

news - FEBRUARY 1 23

The new multiplayer open beta offer four maps, three classes, and the ability to carry gained experience over to the full version next month.

news - JANUARY 30 32

No longer an Xbox 360 exclusive after March. Come and get it, PC gamers!

news - JANUARY 30 42

Microsoft's lifted up thanks to Windows 7 success.

news - JANUARY 28 99

While we're all basking in the warm, sunny glow of Windows 7, it's no secret that Microsoft is already working on Windows 8. However, a recent roadmap shows that the next iteration of Windows could arrive...