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Software - Page 73


What is the best free anti-virus, the perfect software for data backup, or the best photo editing application? Tom's Hardware offers regular themed selections to keep you informed and help you make the best choice.

news - JUNE 6 35

Will a StarCraft MMOG arrive after the release of Blizzard's other MMOG, Titan?

news - JUNE 4 7

The first application to use OmniMotion Technology's motion-sensing middleware is a game called SUMO. All you need is a Mac or PC and a webcam.

news - JUNE 3 22

Three ASUS Eee PC models now sport Ubuntu 10.10 in addition to the Windows 7 Starter option.

news - JUNE 3 24

EA has re-branded its online store as "Origin" and plans to host the digital version of Star Wars: The Old Republic exclusively later this year.

news - JUNE 3 11

UT developer Digital Extremes is working with Bad Robot on an action-packed co-op sequel to Abrams' 2009 Star Trek reboot.

news - JUNE 3 30

2K Games said that the XCOM reboot will take place next year for the PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

news - JUNE 3 14

The long-awaited Aliens: Colonial Marines FPS from Gearbox Software will finally arrive next year.

news - JUNE 3 111

Windows 8 to be all touchy-feely.

news - JUNE 3 27

The cult classic Carmageddon franchise is returning to the PC, Xbox Live and PlayStation Network next year.

news - JUNE 3 18

Gearbox released the Duke Nukem Forever launch trailer and news of free DLC for First Access members.

reviews - JUNE 2 40

Although the game had significant performance issues when it was released, Bulletstorm now benefits from the latest graphics drivers and a patch from its developers. Now is the perfect time to see what kind of...

news - JUNE 1 7

Virtu was a smash-hit because it enabled Quick Sync functionality on Z68-based motherboards with discrete graphics. There doesn't seem to be as much need for it on AMD's platforms. Yet, Lucidlogix is announcing...

news - MAY 31 9

Asus will officially bring the PC into the motion-sensing market with the release of the WAVI Xtion in Q3 2011.

news - MAY 31 33

Will there be any surprises?

news - MAY 31 59

Activision's new plan of getting you to play even more Call of Duty.

news - MAY 29 37

Will it use a variant of Windows Phone 7?

news - MAY 27 66

The Oprah Browser.

news - MAY 27 21

Here in the States, the Dungeon Siege 3 demo will land on the Xbox 360 first, followed by a simultaneous release on the PlayStation Network (hopefully) and Steam.

news - MAY 26 40

id Software's John Carmack said that convenience always wins out with consumers, and predicts that cloud gaming will be a huge part of the industry in the near future. Oh he loves Mario too.

news - MAY 26 7

It's official: GameFly purchased IGN's Direct2Drive digital distribution platform for an undisclosed amount.

news - MAY 25 19

Not only will the re-named Conan MMORPG incorporate the free-to-play model, but will receive an extra dose of sexy for your barbaric pleasure.

news - MAY 24 61

You waited 14 years for someone to say it: Duke Nukem Forever has gone gold. Go ahead, pick your jaw off the floor. It's ok. We understand.

news - MAY 21 20

Honeycomb on its own not enough for you?

news - MAY 21 11

Mail-in game rental service GameFly is reportedly entering the digital distribution sector by purchasing IGN's Direct2Drive.

news - MAY 20 102

AppleCare isn't allow to care.