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Software - Page 74


What is the best free anti-virus, the perfect software for data backup, or the best photo editing application? Tom's Hardware offers regular themed selections to keep you informed and help you make the best choice.

news - MAY 11 90

A dramatic drop in subscriptions after Cataclysm's release has prompted Blizzard to consider faster content releases.

news - MAY 11 23

Six multiplayer screenshots, Gearbox's first-ever Gearbox Community Day 2011 event, and the possibility of Duke Nukem Forever on Mac or iOS... it's all jam-packed just for you inside!

news - MAY 11 49

Steam is on the retailer's side despite what the press claims.

news - MAY 10 44

Don't mess with Microsoft.

news - MAY 9 32

id Software says that its old run-n-gun formula in corridors just doesn’t work any more.

news - MAY 9 17

Hang tight, as Blizzard may announce the Diablo 3 Beta in a few hours.

news - MAY 7 43

Valve Software is looking into Steam on mobile devices.

news - MAY 6 28

Unlike other shooters released on the market, the third installment in the Deus Ex series will have native support for 3D, Eyefinity and DirectX 11... no extra patching required.

news - MAY 5 20

Yup, that's a window alright.

reviews - MAY 5 36

Version 7.0a of TrueCrypt offers many new features, including hardware-accelerated AES encryption via processors that support the technology. We discuss the new features and look at the performance impact of...

news - MAY 5 26

BioWare has delayed the release of Mass Effect 3 without giving any specific reason... but the wait won't be too painful.

news - MAY 4 44

Gearbox revealed the minimum and recommended system specs for Duke Nukem Forever.

reviews - MAY 4 19

Tom's Hardware talks with Arrowhead Game Studios' Patrik Lasota and Anton Stenmark about its new PC game Magicka and the recently-released Vietnam-based DLC, DirectX, Intel's place in the GPU market, and the...

news - MAY 3 29

He's baaaaaaaaaaaaack!

news - APRIL 29 21

Marvel finally released a few details of its upcoming MMOG, including info on the roster and the use of a free-to-play model.

news - APRIL 28 32

Kmart and GameStop are drastically reducing the prices of Valve's Portal 2, starting this weekend.

news - APRIL 28 50

Sounds like Diablo 3 could possibly hit store shelves this holiday season.

news - APRIL 28 61

The numbers all go to eleven. Look, right across the board, eleven, eleven, eleven and...

news - APRIL 27 6

Acer's unannounced ZGB notebook has appeared in Chrome OS bug reports, revealing a few specs.

news - APRIL 26 68

Once you go black...

news - APRIL 26 27

Check out the unlock pattern screen and the webcam interface!

news - APRIL 26 16

Sega released the first batch of screenshots and gameplay footage from the PC-only sequel to Phantasy Star Online.

news - APRIL 25 98

The end isn't that near at all.

news - APRIL 23 32

Google may offer Chrome OS notebooks at a subsidized price with an additional monthly charge.

news - APRIL 22 24

Hopeful Crysis 2 modders start you engines, as CryTek will release an editor and the CryENGINE SDK this summer.