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Motherboards - Page 10


Motherboards facilitate communication between all of the difference components inside your PC. Picking the right one is imperative to maximizing stability and making sure your machine has room to grow. Let us help you choose the best Motherboard to fit your needs.

news - JUNE 12 12

Company unveiled eight new motherboards as part of new PURO HI-FI line.

news - JUNE 12 15

ECS brought a new card and two of its recently announced motherboards to the Computex show floor.

reviews - JUNE 12 68

A year after its debut on Apple platforms, Thunderbolt is finally available for PCs. Both fast and scalable, the technology’s 10 Gb/s connectivity and potential for external graphics promises to inspire...

news - JUNE 10 14

MSI's at Computex and we see what they have to share.

news - JUNE 9 38

If you're a fan of Asus boards, check this out.

news - JUNE 8 33

Asus is demonstrating the first add-in card to extend its motherboards with Thunderbolt support.

news - JUNE 8 40

AMD's Trinity desktop CPUs, originally scheduled with a June introduction date, are now expected to arrive no earlier than October.

news - JUNE 5 14

Tom's video crew hits up Gigabyte's demo room in Taipei, Taiwan.

news - JUNE 4 50

Overclocker HiCookie pushes two Gigabyte Z77X motherboards to World Records with the help of an Intel Core i7-3770K and GSkill Trident X Memory.

news - MAY 25 34

Insiders predict the obvious: Thunderbolt will be a key competitive spec for motherboard manufacturers in 2H 2012.

news - MAY 22 110

Tom's Hardware has reached out to AMD and a few motherboard manufacturers to get an understanding of what looks to be a long stemming issue with its FX processors and Steam games.

news - MAY 4 80

PC gaming isn't dead.

news - MAY 1 57

Set for release later this year, this little computer measures just 4x4 inches.

reviews - APRIL 30 95

Combining the newest features with moderate expandability, Intel’s mainstream platforms provide high value to most gaming and overclocking enthusiasts. We compare six examples with Z77 Express to find the...

reviews - APRIL 23 52

Have a peek at Intel's DZ77GA-70K motherboard, the platform that drove our Sandy Bridge- and Ivy Bridge-based processors in today's Core i7-3770K launch. We cover some of the board's physical features and our...

reviews - APRIL 17 57

Many companies claim to offer the best overclocking for your money, yet only two compete for the best overclocking at the very highest price point. Today we put those claims to the test, including a full set of...

news - APRIL 10 25

On April 2nd, Intel quietly announced its P67 Express chipset has been discontinued just ahead of Ivy Bridge's release.

reviews - APRIL 8 93

Integrated USB 3.0, advanced management features, reduced power consumption, and a new software package from Lucidlogix separate the Z77 Express motherboards from the Z68 chipset that preceded it. Were these...

news - MARCH 26 12

We have all the numbers you crave.

news - MARCH 23 12

A new round of price drops is affecting motherboard makers using Intel's 7 series chipset before it is even officially announced.

news - MARCH 8 51

EVGA has finally released the Classified SR-X after initially showing it off at CES 2012.

reviews - FEBRUARY 27 41

We know that Intel's X79 Express platform hosts the fastest desktop processors in the company's portfolio. But can it be made more affordable? We round up the least-expensive $200-$260 motherboards to determine...

news - FEBRUARY 24 17

VIA has reintroduced two mini-ITX boards that now support its 1.2 GHz VIA QuadCore E-Series processor.

news - FEBRUARY 16 19

A booming counterfeiting industry sent the number of incidents of pirated devices soaring in 2011.

news - FEBRUARY 8 20

Sources claim that motherboard manufacturers are raising their prices by the end of 1Q12, but Gigabyte says that's not true -- at least on their part.

news - FEBRUARY 8 21

One serving of Raspberry Pi, coming right up!