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CPUs - Page 65


CPUs serve as the heart and soul of your desktop, notebook, and tablet. But with so many devices, power budgets, and performance requirements, it’s not always easy to pick the right hardware. From AMD to Intel and x86 to ARM, Tom’s Hardware has you covered.

news - MAY 30 35

Antwerp (Belgium) - Recent advances in general purpose GPU computing are beginning to shift perceptions in supercomputing applications.

news - MAY 30 2

Nvidia today said that it will hold a web cast with analysts and investors to discuss its new multimedia computer-on-a-chip products on June 2.

news - MAY 29 12

Via Technologies is ramping up its efforts to take on chip giant Intel. The newly unveiled Nano processor has Via aiming directly at Intel’s Atom processor. The x86-compatible Nano processor is Via’s first...

news - MAY 23 10

San Francisco (CA) - Intel is currently preparing the launch of its final Core-architecture processor design, the six-core server CPU Dunnington.

reviews - MAY 22 9

After a long wait, we are able to add AMD processors to our Notebook CPU Charts and look a bit into future upcoming AMD and Intel launches.

news - MAY 22 4

It should not come as a surprise that Intel will take advantage of the fact that it is the only company that is offering mobile quad-core processors at this time, but we are sure that the premium charged for...

reviews - MAY 21 50

As far as performance is concerned, AMD is lagging behind its competitor Intel. But, other than gamers, few users care only about performance.

news - MAY 20 3

More here at <a href="http://www.

news - MAY 19 1

It looks like we might not see Intel's quad-core processor for mainframe systems this year after all.

news - MAY 19 3

AMD announces, a brand targeted towards simplifying and standardizing gaming hardware.

news - MAY 19 4

Intel’s first commercially available Atom powered motherboard is popping up all over Internet ready for pre-orders. Most note the motherboard will begin to ship within two to three weeks. The Intel Desktop...

news - MAY 16 3

Santa Clara (CA) - Intel is transitioning all of its 45 nm Xeon DP processors from the C-O to the E-0 stepping.

news - MAY 15 4

More here at <a href="http://www.

reviews - MAY 15 75

What brings better results, purchasing a faster graphics card or investing your cash in a more powerful processor?

news - MAY 14 8

Chicago (IL) - Intel's switch to an integrated memory controller with the upcoming Nehalem core will offer enthusiasts to finally take advantage of fast memory devices - which are constrained by the front side...

news - MAY 14 1

Chicago (IL) - News that AMD has taken a big step to outsource its manufacturing to TSMC and that wafer testing for SOI mass production has begun mad waves yesterday.

news - MAY 12 0

Sunnyvale (CA) - AMD's B3 stepping Barcelona processors appear to be finally on track as the company continues to announce new design wins and new models joining the existing line-up.

news - MAY 12 2

Taipei (Taiwan) - News about refreshed Xbox 360 consoles are trickling, which is about time given the fact that the console will celebrate its third birthday later this year.

news - MAY 9 0

Following a rather strange wave of opinions that Apple wants to develop its own iPhone processor, there is now the first real piece to a puzzle that, perhaps, one day will reveal what advantage Apple sees in P....

news - MAY 7 4

Santa Clara (CA) - Intel and supercomputers is a combination of words we have been hearing quite a bit lately.

news - MAY 7 13

Sunnyvale (CA) - AMD has updated its server processor roadmap with single-die 6-core and dual-die 12-core Opteron processors.

reviews - MAY 7 22

We look at the power consumption and cost of running 35 AMD CPUs under varying conditions.

news - MAY 6 0

  Intel will officially launch its 4-series chipsets at Computex 2008, while motherboard makers will start shipping products in the third week of June, according to sources at motherboard makers. Initial...

news - MAY 2 1

Palo Alto (CA) -Stanford is the next University that receives support from major IT companies to develop new techniques, tools, and training materials to exploit the parallelism capabilities of multi-core...

news - MAY 1 1

Santa Clara (CA) - Apple's announcement of its updated iMac line has fueled rumors that the company will be the first to use Intel's upcoming Montevina chip.

news - APRIL 30 27

Milan (Italy) - It is fair to say that Barcelona has not turned out the CPU core many hoped it would be and lots of people inside AMD would rather forget about this evolutionary step and quickly move on to the...