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Software - Page 70


What is the best free anti-virus, the perfect software for data backup, or the best photo editing application? Tom's Hardware offers regular themed selections to keep you informed and help you make the best choice.

news - AUGUST 4 43

Adobe has released Edge, its first HTML5 authoring tool for animated HTML5, JavaScript and CSS content. The announcement has been viewed by some as Adobe's surrender to Apple and a lost fight for Flash and a...

news - AUGUST 3 29

Next month, the first-ever cloud gaming conference will take place in San Jose. Prior to that, the organization behind the conference has unleashed a report featuring comments on the future of cloud gaming from...

news - AUGUST 3 32

The sequel to Borderlands will hit retail shelves sometime during fiscal year 2013 beginning on April 1, 2012.

news - AUGUST 3 30

id Software's RAGE is basically done, and is now going through the polishing process.

news - AUGUST 2 83

There is a lot you browser says about your IQ, according to a new study that links browsers to the intelligence of their users.

news - AUGUST 1 131

On the plus side, Blizzard will provide an auction house that deals in cash. On the negative side, Diablo 3 will require a constant Internet connection. You can forget about mods, too.

news - AUGUST 1 95

Don't worry, businesses, Microsoft is keeping things cool.

news - JULY 30 35

A LinkedIn profile reveals that the Crysis developer is currently working on a new FPS franchise for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and windows PC.

news - JULY 29 8

The KDE community announced the release of K Desktop Environment (KDE) 4.7.

news - JULY 29 45

A small software company acquired the license to the QDOS operating system on July 27, 1981 and laid the foundation for an empire that would dominate the computer software world.

news - JULY 29 19

Thanks to a disappointing quarter, THQ has decided to nuke our beloved Martian franchise, Red Faction.

news - JULY 28 27

Despite the reviews, 2K Games is churning out DLC for Duke Nukem Forever anyway.

news - JULY 28 30

Although Razer's portable PC gaming platform is still deemed as a "concept," the Switchblade will officially sport Intel's Atom Z690 processor.

news - JULY 27 39

Apple's operating systems still enjoy a perception of strong security despite the fact that vulnerabilities for both iOS and Mac OS X are discovered on a continuous basis and Apple's pace of providing patches...

news - JULY 27 65

The console version will only allow for 24 simultaneous players compared to the PC's impressive 64-player military mayhem.

news - JULY 26 18

Microsoft is shelling out MS Points for those who purchase a Games for Windows title from this week.

news - JULY 26 6

Suma 51 is working on the bloodiest social game ever developed for the Android-based social game platform Mobage.

news - JULY 26 52

Despite the positive reviews, Bulletstorm "under-performed" on the charts and didn't even earn a profit for Epic.

news - JULY 25 37

BioWare is shooting to have 500 explorable worlds in Star Wars: The Old Republic by 2025.

news - JULY 25 137

AMD, Intel and Microsoft have all presented quarter reports that were well above analyst expectations. Despite the depressed mood in the economy, there are tremendous growth and record profits. Yet, as so...

news - JULY 23 41

Lion is coming to a USB stick near you.

news - JULY 23 16

Microsoft has announced its quarterly earnings for the fiscal quarter just ended as well as financial results for its last fiscal year.

news - JULY 23 34

Looks like EA speculates that it may not be able to fill all of the pre-orders on launch day.

news - JULY 22 24

There will be three editions of Star Wars: The Old Republic when the MMOG goes live this holiday season. Go pre-order yours now!

news - JULY 21 45

Linux will be 20 years old on August 26.

news - JULY 20 31

Will this OS X roar?