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Business Computing - Page 20


Business computing encompasses hardware from servers to business-oriented laptops, and software from cloud-based enterprise solutions to small office suites. Tom's Hardware has the reviews and news to keep your business relevant.

news - AUGUST 31 16

What if you could keep Windows stored entirely in RAM?

news - AUGUST 31 14

Forget Siri. I want Watson.

news - AUGUST 31 16

You may be able to get rid of the last sets of cords for your notebook and phones within 2 years.

news - AUGUST 31 37

Samsung wins in Japan after heavy blow of US loss.

news - AUGUST 31 12

Nvidia appears to be regaining trust from analysts - not so much because of its Kepler discrete graphics cards, but a general sentiment that Tegra 3 will succeed and drive revenues.

news - AUGUST 31 11

Turning off pixels you don't need can save substantial power consumed by an OLED display.

news - AUGUST 31 13

Positive news about the U.S. patent system today is a rare find, but not all hope is lost.

news - AUGUST 31 31

Asetek has filed a patent infringement lawsuit against CoolIt, which should have some interesting implications for the liquid cooling technology field.

news - AUGUST 31 3

There are several ways to show common Word, Excel, and PowerPoint file formats in Chrome, the most elegant being the Document viewing App that is offered via the Chrome Web Store.

news - AUGUST 30 12

Microsoft has just been granted a patent covering ad-hoc wireless connections for portable devices.

news - AUGUST 30 4

Mobile DRAM is developing into an increasingly bright spot in the troubled memory industry.

news - AUGUST 30 5

ASML cannot complain about a lack of attention these days.

news - AUGUST 30 14

Following a recent agreement with TSMC, ARM announced that it has also entered into a contract with Globalfoundries to support the production of next-gen processors, including upcoming 64-bit server SoCs and...

news - AUGUST 30 11

Apple's ability to scale iPad shipments are driving "strong" overall growth for the tablet industry, IDC reports.

news - AUGUST 28 24

At today's Hot Chips Symposium, Mark Papermaster, Senior Vice President and CTO of AMD, talks about the future of "Surround Computing".

news - AUGUST 28 21

Following Seagate, Western Digital has apparently recovered from the impact of the Thailand flood as well. As of Q2, the company has become the leading hard drive maker again.

news - AUGUST 28 13

Reports coming out of Taiwan suggest that DRAM memory will lose 8 percent of their contract price in August alone.

news - AUGUST 28 6

Apple's Bob Mansfield is staying in Cupertino a while longer.

news - AUGUST 28 45

More GHz, please.

news - AUGUST 28 9

Add-In Board shipments are "seasonably" down, but AMD is catching back up with rival Nvidia.

news - AUGUST 28 26

More than two years after the introduction of the iPad, Samsung appears to be very confident in the tablet market and is shooting for margins that exceed Apple's iPad levels.

news - AUGUST 28 76

After several weeks of rumors, AMD officially introduced the quad-core FX-4130 processor today.

news - AUGUST 27 6

Apple's and Samsung' strong positions in the mobile applications markets is cemented via more market data.

news - AUGUST 27 50

The rumor mill churns on.

news - AUGUST 24 8

Perlman to continue as chief of company.

news - AUGUST 24 18

Write downs and restructuring charges of $10.8 billion drove HP's third quarter result deep into the red.

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