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Software - Page 91


What is the best free anti-virus, the perfect software for data backup, or the best photo editing application? Tom's Hardware offers regular themed selections to keep you informed and help you make the best choice.

news - AUGUST 11 74

We're still waiting for the myriad of Android and Windows 7 tablets we've been promised by various different companies to hit the market. Once they do, they'll more than likely be compared to the iPad straight...

news - AUGUST 10 81 and a loyal community seem to be keeping piracy at bay.

news - AUGUST 10 156

Microsoft pushes Windows 7's good features.

news - AUGUST 9 17

QUAKE LIVE has officially come out of beta, offering three plans.

news - AUGUST 6 28

Microsoft is delivering 14 security updates next week.

news - AUGUST 6 58

Blizzard's customer service will be patrolling the Goldshire Inn on a World of Warcraft server.

news - AUGUST 6 52

So much for a StarCraft-based MMOG.

news - AUGUST 5 61

Blizzard is monitoring user-created StarCraft II maps.

news - AUGUST 4 7

Motorola may be working on a Gingerbread-based tablet that will bring Verizon's FiOS TV service right into your hands.

news - AUGUST 4 60

Sales rush!

news - AUGUST 4 17

The PC version of Fable III will not ship with the Xbox 360 version as previously planned.

news - AUGUST 3 74

Congratulations, Windows 7, as you've passed your predecessor in user share in July.

news - AUGUST 3 31

A dream come true, but sadly not for those of us here in the west.

news - AUGUST 2 41

Anti-aliasing can now be enabled for StarCraft II.

news - AUGUST 2 34

Lego StarCraft -- the next big Lego craze?

news - AUGUST 1 67

This is what happens when you have TOO much power.

news - JULY 29 15

Lots of pew pew.

news - JULY 28 144

Let's talk about one of the biggest releases of 2010.

news - JULY 28 87

Jane shows us what you get for $40 over the regular edition of StarCraft II.

news - JULY 28 25

SOE announced that it's introducing a free-to-play option for EverQuest II.

news - JULY 27 64

Valve revokes the ban and offers a free game for its Anti-Cheat blunder.

news - JULY 27 18

The fanboy side of me is very excited.

news - JULY 27 47

Modern Warfare 2 gamers cry innocent after Valve's Anti-Cheat software permanently kicks them out of the game.

news - JULY 27 51

Microsoft's selling these faster than ever.

news - JULY 26 22

Relic is also working on a PC version of Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine.