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Storage - Page 23


Whether you're looking for a safe way to store and share your family photos, or high-speed access for mission-critical data, or something in between, we can provide you with the information and benchmarks to find a storage solution for your needs.

news - OCTOBER 21 16

As part of its quarterly earnings call, Seagate said that it has begun putting 1 Terabyte per platter hard drives into production.

news - OCTOBER 21 59

OCZ has introduced a new line of SSDs based on the Indilinx Everest controller, offering a max capacity of 1 TB.

reviews - OCTOBER 20 29

Given a lack of chipset vendors integrating USB 3.0 support into their core logic (with the exception of AMD's Socket FM1-focused A75), motherboard manufacturers are forced to lean hard on third-party...

news - OCTOBER 19 28

Ultrabook manufacturers may follow Acer's lead by using hybrid HDDs instead of SSDs in future waves.

news - OCTOBER 19 17

This docking station plays host to an HDD or SSD, two USB drives and an SD card while connecting directly to the local network via a Gigabit Ethernet port.

news - OCTOBER 18 41

SandForce looks to have finally provided a firmware update for its infamous BSOD/disconnect issue that have plagued SF-2200-based SSDs from the start.

news - OCTOBER 18 41

A team has discovered that, by using table salt, they can made hard drives even denser, possibly producing 6TB per hard drive platter.

news - OCTOBER 17 22

WD may not be able to meet customer demand for its products in the December quarter.

news - OCTOBER 16 11

To expand on its enterprise storage solutions, OCZ has introduced two mSATA SSDs; Deneva 2 and Intrepid Series, for OEM clients.

news - OCTOBER 15 18

Toshiba has revealed a 2.5-inch 300 GB HDD spinning at 15,000 RPM although it's not the first drive of this kind on the market.

news - OCTOBER 14 62

Backify is a new service that offers automatic cloud-based backup while also providing an additional "briefcase" for sharing files with friends and multiple devices.

reviews - OCTOBER 14 62

Welcome to the fifth iteration of our highest-ranked SSDs for any given budget. We updated our recommendations to reflect the recent price drops on second-gen SandForce hardware. There are several good deals to...

news - OCTOBER 14 10

The ongoing severe flooding in Thailand appears to have impact on the availability on the overall supply in the region.

news - OCTOBER 14 12

And now another item has been crossed off of their 'Kill Google' bucket list.

news - OCTOBER 13 53

Seagate may introduce a 5TB external hard drive using five 1TB platters in January 2012.

news - OCTOBER 13 3

Hard drive (HDD), optical disk drive (ODD) and solid state disk drive (SSD) manufacturers shipped 248.8 million storage devices in the second quarter of this year, 4.5% more than in Q1 and 5.6% more than in the...

news - OCTOBER 13 20

Patriot Memory updates its SSD lineup with the release of the Pyro SE SSD series, which utilizes synchronous MLC (multi-level cell) NAND Flash memory versus asynchronous MLC (multi-level cell) NAND Flash...

news - OCTOBER 11 11

Elpida recently said that it successfully produced prototypes of 4 Gb SDRAM memory chips in 25 nm.

news - OCTOBER 11 17

Based on a roadmap slide posted by VR-Zone, Intel looks to be paving way for new versions for each SSD market segments (SSD, PCIe and mSATA) in 2012.

news - OCTOBER 11 15

ADATA Technology has launched the XM13 mSATA SSD based on the latest SandForce Controller.

news - OCTOBER 9 34

Corsair has announced the addition of a 480 GB SSD to its Force Series and Force Series GT line of SATA 6.0 Gb/s SSD drives. In addition, Corsair has added a 180 GB SSD to its Force Series SSD drives.

reviews - OCTOBER 7 139

Should you buy a new processor for your next machine? How about a new graphics card? Have you given any thought to the status of your storage subsystem? We're making a case for incorporating solid-state...

news - OCTOBER 6 19

This Wi-Fi device will stream content provided by Netflix, Hulu and even Spotify from a home network's Internet connection to an HDTV.

reviews - OCTOBER 6 46

We got our hands on four SAS 6 Gb/s RAID controllers from Adaptec, Areca, HighPoint, and LSI and ran them through RAID 0, 5, 6, and 10 workloads to test their mettle. Does your system need eight more ports of...

news - OCTOBER 5 42

Will consumers see 8 GB hard drives in 2012? According to TDK, its new technology will more than double current capacities.

news - OCTOBER 4 14

Fusion-io announced the ioDrive 2 at Oracle OpenWorld. As successor to the ioDrive Duo, the flash drive delivers twice the bandwidth for slightly less cost.