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Graphics Cards - Page 40


Avoid gaming bottlenecks and keep your system balanced with the latest information about Graphics Cards. From reviews of today’s hottest GPUs to do-it-yourself guides on overclocking, we have everything you need to know.

reviews - AUGUST 18 38

AMD quietly introduced its new Radeon HD 5550 and prepped the Radeon HD 5570 GDDR5 to follow. We examine the performance of these two stealth-launched models to see if they have what it takes to replace a...

news - AUGUST 17 49

Nvidia has weathered the storm.

reviews - AUGUST 17 43

Gigabyte recently sent us an altered GeForce GTX 470 with the highest factory overclock that we’ve seen. Is the custom-cooled card worth an extra $70 bucks? We test the GV-N470SO-13I, comparing it to...

news - AUGUST 16 41

Rambus gets to add another notch.

news - AUGUST 13 66

Nvidia's bottom line took a bit of a hit.

reviews - AUGUST 12 55

Why buy a standard model when you can get the top-of-the-line? Treat yourself to the good stuff! We take three premium graphics cards for a spin to see just what kind of optional extras you can get when...

news - AUGUST 11 92

Just a simple misunderstanding.

news - AUGUST 10 35

Plus, next iPad to feature multicore CPUs?

reviews - AUGUST 10 94

In this month's update, we discuss the new GeForce GTX 460 and its impact on the graphics card landscape. Additionally, continuing GeForce GTX 400-series price drops make higher-end cards more attractive, and...

reviews - AUGUST 9 80

Are the most elaborate platforms really required to host the fastest GPUs, or can you get away with P55's lane-splitting scheme? As Nvidia’s latest graphics processors push 3D performance to new heights, we...

news - AUGUST 9 32

Yet another Nvidia GPU creeps out.

news - AUGUST 6 48

Another Fermi in the pipe.

news - AUGUST 5 39

The FTC paves the way for competition.

reviews - AUGUST 5 55

Motherboards with multiple PCIe slots are becoming the norm these days, and the trend is being fueled by multi-GPU configurations. Configuring Nvidia's SLI and AMD's CrossFire technologies is easy, but how much...

news - AUGUST 4 56

Palit will release a factory-overclocked GTX 460 card with 2GB of GDDR5 memory.

news - AUGUST 2 41

Anti-aliasing can now be enabled for StarCraft II.

reviews - AUGUST 2 84

A couple of months ago, we built a 3D dual-projector system, just like in movie theaters. Now, we're comparing it to Nvidia's 3D Vision projector-based setup to see which option offers the best consumer-level...

news - JULY 31 115

ATI cards outsold Nvidia cards during the second quarter.

news - JULY 29 145

Apple using Radeons across the board for iMac and Mac Pro.

news - JULY 29 26

Fermi for serious business.

news - JULY 29 40

SIGGRAPH 2010, the annual computer graphics trade show of the ACM, started is exhibition Tuesday and Nvidia demonstrated at its booth the latest Quadro Fermi graphics cards.

news - JULY 28 52

Patent fights are a Rambus specialty.

news - JULY 27 20

MSI's new gaming notebook packs Intel Core i7 processing and Nvidia GeForce GTX 285M graphics.

news - JULY 27 48

Fresh new drivers to make your GPU happy.

reviews - JULY 27 118

The GeForce GTX 460 has already proven itself an excellent value as a single card, but can two of them offer superior performance at similar cost to Nvidia’s flagship GTX 480? Let's just say that there's a...

news - JULY 26 31

Another Fermi readying up?

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