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Graphics - Page 37


Whether you're interested in games, CGI movies, or the latest hardware to push your pixels, Tom's Hardware provides you with the latest news in graphics.

news - AUGUST 5 28

Liquid cooling for your video card ready from the factory.

reviews - AUGUST 5 70

Today’s most powerful graphics processor, Nvidia's GeForce GTX 285, still struggles with some games at the highest resolution and quality settings. Gigabyte answers the question: "Will more RAM help?" with...

news - AUGUST 4 16

AMD to Support OpenGL 3.1 and 3.2.

news - AUGUST 4 9

Workstation graphics on the go.

news - JULY 30 16

Intel says that the next-generation Atom is still on track.

reviews - JULY 29 32

Our graphics card charts now cover 24 more new cards. Today's update adds mainstream cards tested at more realistic settings for value-oriented gamers in the same benchmark suite you've seen us apply to the...

news - JULY 28 26

It's for professionals.

news - JULY 27 39

Capcom released the minimum and recommended system requirements for the upcoming PC version of Resident Evil 5

news - JULY 27 24

Use your GPU for more than just Crysis.

reviews - JULY 27 34

Overclocking your graphics card can help squeeze out precious performance in games that utilize maximum GPU horsepower. We test whether it's better to overclock with your board vendor's tools, the GPU-maker's...

news - JULY 23 12

Drivers released for the freshly minted OS.

news - JULY 23 83

Yes, it will run Crysis.

reviews - JULY 22 66

Ray tracing is often referred to as the ultimate 3D rendering technique that can put photorealism within reach. We look at how it works, some of the technology's biggest myths, and whether or not ray tracing...

news - JULY 21 25

New GeForce drivers support advanced power management features.

reviews - JULY 21 74

Welcome to another installment of Best Graphics Cards for the Money. This month, we delight in plummeting card prices across the board. As a bonus, we've added Intel's integrated graphics processors to the...

news - JULY 9 58

New Nvidia 40-nm GPUs are just for OEMs.

news - JULY 8 171

What makes you get out the cash to upgrade?

reviews - JULY 7 70

Slapping new labels on old parts to lure in under-informed buyers is a actually a fairly common practice in the mobile graphics space. But is Nvidia’s latest GTX 200M-series the worst offender we've seen yet?...

news - JUNE 30 13

The Samsung N510 could be the first Nvidia Ion netbook.

news - JUNE 18 20

CNet today reports that earlier this week at the company’s analyst day, Nvidia Chief Executive Officer Jen-Hsun Huang told attendees that GPGPUs are the future.

news - JUNE 17 18

Nvidia is considering a relationship with AMD/ATI spin-off company, Globalfoundries.

reviews - JUNE 17 115

You don’t always need the fastest graphics card around. For somewhere between $135 and $235, you can game like crazy in DirectX 10 without a problem at 1920x1200. We test and compare five graphics cards from...

news - JUNE 16 32

New chips give twice the performance but idle at only half the power -- a good mix for a mobile chip.

picture story - JUNE 16 39

We take you through Gigabyte's production facility for a sneak peak of what goes on inside one of the world's leading motherboard and graphics card companies.

news - JUNE 16 18

I went along with Agent codenamed "Kobe"--our THSA, or Tom's Hardware Secret Agent, to a Gigabyte production facility, to get a good look at just what motherboards and graphics cards go through.

reviews - JUNE 15 59

You've already seen our coverage of apps optimized for Nvidia's CUDA technology. Now we're taking a look at the performance of AMD's Stream framework, which was recently revamped in a Catalyst 9.5 driver...