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Notebooks - Page 60


Notebooks remain essential to gamers and professionals on the go. Although they’ve been around forever, the technology you find inside changes on an almost daily basis. Learn about the latest in mobile computing from a trusted source.

news - JANUARY 14 7

Reports emerge that we could see netbooks incorporating Intel’s Atom N280 processor around the second or third quarter, something netbook fans will no doubt be happy to hear.

news - JANUARY 14 4

If you have ever had to deal with the way Dell and Dell Financial Services handles financing, you probably already know where I am about to go with this.

news - JANUARY 14 18

Consumers downloading and test-driving the new Windows 7 beta are experiencing troubles when attempting to run McAfee Total Protection

news - JANUARY 13 11

For the last year and a half, netbooks have been just as big a part of the personal computing scene as laptops. CES08 was just a few months after Asus kicked everything off with the original Eee PC and since...

news - JANUARY 13 3

We’ve already talked about how this year, CES was all about netbooks and mobile computing. We’re a little bored by it all at this stage but there’s no doubt that netbooks, like the tech industry, are...

news - JANUARY 13 2

Although it wasn’t officially announced at CES, Dell did bring along with it a physical representation of what the upcoming “Adamo” notebook would look and feel like.The Adamo is Dell’s upcoming luxury...

news - JANUARY 12 5

LG Display has signed a five year contract with Apple which will see the display maker provide LCD screens for wide range of Apple's products.

news - JANUARY 12 9

1GHz of processing power on a cell phone? That's right, and Marvell's PXA168 has enough meat to do the job!

news - JANUARY 12 29

Saturday Microsoft's Brandon LeBlanc said that the company is removing the Windows 7 beta limit for two weeks.

news - JANUARY 10 0

Intel showcased its third generation of Classmate PC netbooks at CES '09 this week. Built by local manufacturers, the netbooks appeal to elementary students and emerging markets.

news - JANUARY 10 14

Talk about a blast from the past: home "computer" manufacturer Commodore is returning to the scene, bringing a few new goodies to the table at CES '09.

news - JANUARY 10 1

A source planted firmly within the core of Apple told AppleInsider that the company's presence at CES 2010 is a done deal.

news - JANUARY 10 20

Apparently, Microsoft decided to hold off on releasing the latest build of Windows 7. Instead, company employees in charge of beta deployment chose to play Gears of War 2 instead, and make consumers wait a bit...

news - JANUARY 10 3

HP was showcasing its newly announced Pavilion dv2, Pavilion dv3 and Mini 2140 notebook at CES this week.

news - JANUARY 10 1

Just at the tail end of December, MSI announced the first Hybrid storage netbook. We headed down to MSI to check it out for ourselves.

news - JANUARY 10 3

We go hands on with the ingenious MSI Wind Netbox. We like it.

news - JANUARY 9 1

Yesterday EMTEC announced that it would reveal the ultra-portable, affordable Gdium Mobile Netbook this week at CES. As long as it doesn't eat "raw and wiggly" fish, everyone should be ok.

news - JANUARY 9 4

One of the cooler things we saw at Sir Howard Stringer’s Keynote this morning was the Sony VAIO P Series notebook. In a sort of Steve Jobs move, Stringer whipped the notebook out of his pocket and gave a...

news - JANUARY 8 1

Notebooks are all the rage these days, becoming inreasingly smaller, more light weight, and just overall faster and better. It's no wonder notebook sales have taken over desktop sales recently.

news - JANUARY 8 13

We had the chance to briefly talk to Asus tonight, prior to CES' full opening in the morning. One thing we learned from Asus is that the company is preparing to launch what it claims is the world's first 512 GB...

news - JANUARY 8 5

Are Netbooks too small for you? Looking for something with a bit more view size? MSI has launched their X-Slim X320 notebook – It is a notebook on a diet coming in at 1.3 kg and only 1.98 cm thick!

news - JANUARY 6 33

Apple's new 17-inch MacBook Pro is the thinnest and lightest in the world and sports an eight-hour battery life -- and that'll be its battery for life.

news - JANUARY 6 15

As the saying goes, you get what you pay for. However, Freescale Semiconductor's upcoming i.MX515 processor, based on the ARM chip architecture, should defy that belief, offering 1GHz speeds for under $200.

news - JANUARY 6 14

Lenovo unveiled today three new IdeaPad laptops, along with its very first all-in-one desktop, the IdeaCenter A600

news - JANUARY 5 12

Ever since Steve Jobs stepped on stage last year, rumors have been flying furiously about his health. Many websites and analysts talked about Jobs' appearance looking ill and even went as far as claiming that...

news - JANUARY 2 3

A security researcher discovered an "alleged vulnerability" involving Windows Media Player, however Microsoft claims that there is no possibility for harmful code execution.