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Laptops - Page 57


Whether you're looking for extreme portability, high-performance gaming on-the-go, a portable workstation replacement, or the best value on a budget, Tom's Hardware has the reviews, specifications, and benchmarks to help you find what matters most to you in a laptop.

news - JUNE 12 31

Archos has launched a 9 inch ultra-mobile tablet PC that runs on Windows 7.

news - JUNE 11 15

Goodbye, best hackintosh netbook yet.

news - JUNE 11 13

That works out to 50 to 75 percent done!

news - JUNE 10 44

Wait, does that mean that Asus thinks that Apple's products are the best?

news - JUNE 9 25

Almost a lock.

news - JUNE 9 6

Acer is reportedly launching its new super-slim Timeline notebook in July.

news - JUNE 9 30

Microsoft isn't too keen on SSDs and HDDs living under the same roof.

news - JUNE 8 94

Now they all have a flash memory card slot and non-removable seven-hour battery.

news - JUNE 5 102

Sometimes the smallest things can indicate drastic things are taking place.

news - JUNE 5 10

Panel makers at Computex are this year displaying all kinds of tasty multi-touch screens with support for Windows 7.

news - JUNE 5 6

Acer’s first Android netbook is is a dualboot machine.

news - JUNE 4 6

Finally, a way to compute outside in the blistering sunlight.

news - JUNE 4 5

This week at Computex, Taipei, Acer is showing off an ultra-thin notebook for business users.

news - JUNE 4 17

The IT industry is full of buzzwords, most notably in the mobile space. We've got laptops, notebooks, ultra-portables, netbooks, MIDs, and more acronyms than you can shake a stick at.

news - JUNE 3 20

It's one big button!

news - JUNE 3 44

Doesn't seem as catchy now, does it?

news - JUNE 3 6

Hybrid storage in netbooks never really caught on. We saw one from MSI back in January, but aside from that, there was nothing else worth noting when it came to dual harddrives in an ultra portable, low cost...

news - JUNE 3 13

With all the excitement about Acer’s promise of an Android netbook in Q3 of this year, ECS’s prototype has been a little overlooked.

news - JUNE 2 2

Who needs SkyTone’s $250 debilitated Android netbook when you can have one of Acer's Android AspireOnes?

news - JUNE 2 11

Nvidia Tegra hits Computex.

news - JUNE 2 2

We’ve been seeing a lot of Ion products at Computex 2009 but so far, we’ve seen nothing from American companies. Apparently, we won’t have to wait long before we see offerings from both HP and Dell.

news - JUNE 2 13

Intel announces new CULV chip with matching mobile chipset.

news - JUNE 2 12

Intel and Psion Teklogix have resolved the "netbook" naming issue, with the latter company dropping its lawsuit according to various reports.

news - MAY 30 44

This thing is massive. And yes, it'll run Crysis.

news - MAY 29 15

Could this be the next generation of laptop displays?

news - MAY 28 21

It has the GeForce 9400M, and that can't be bad.