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Smartphones - Page 70


The latest Smartphones truly do deliver portable computing in the palm of your hand. With so many options to choose from, let Tom's Hardware help you find the perfect Smartphone and Apps to suit your needs.

news - OCTOBER 10 8

As the UK preps for 4G, the University of Surrey is already looking at the development of 5G.

news - OCTOBER 10 26

Fifth-generation device also available in Apple's retail stores.

news - OCTOBER 10 3

This Android-based gamepad will be sold at Walmart, Best Buy, Toys"R"Us, T-Mobile and Amazon. later this month.

news - OCTOBER 10 8

Handsets will launch a week later on October 29.

news - OCTOBER 10 35

Following record $705 shares last month, share prices drops to $631.47.

news - OCTOBER 9 9

NetZero has a clever plan to reel in potential customers from Facebook.

news - OCTOBER 9 24

Is Google planning another tablet.

news - OCTOBER 9 16

$1000+ device will only be available in black.

news - OCTOBER 9 16

Google paid $12.5 billion for Motorola to predominately acquire their patents portfolio.

news - OCTOBER 9 26

How do you define success in the smartphone processor market?

news - OCTOBER 9 13

Next year's line-up to be fronted by "Odin".

news - OCTOBER 9 18

HTC made $133 million, a sharp decrease from the $633 million smartphone maker generated in 2011.

news - OCTOBER 9 8

T-Mobile announced the upcoming arrival of two smartphones, one of which is an exclusive.

news - OCTOBER 9 8

It was a 32GB Nexus 7 shipped in the 16GB version's packaging.

news - OCTOBER 9 49

Apple's solution is to adjust the composition of the camera.

news - OCTOBER 8 7

Foxconn denies reports of a worker strike at one of its factories.

news - OCTOBER 8 23

Device will also improve on how the tablet feels in consumers' hands.

news - OCTOBER 8 11

Smartphone will be available in both blue and white, accompanied with the option of an NFC chip.

news - OCTOBER 8 9

The hack to jailbreak the Kindle Paperwhite is similar to the one used on the Kindle Touch.

news - OCTOBER 8 14

Ilari Nurmi leaves Nokia after a disappointing reveal of the Lumia 920 and Lumia 820 last month.

news - OCTOBER 8 19

$1 billion Apple court case defeat hasn't slowed down commercial performance of flagship Galaxy smartphone lineup.

news - OCTOBER 7 6

Microsoft has previously won three German court cases against Google-owned smartphone maker.

news - OCTOBER 6 16

Unannounced handset expected to cost just $150.

news - OCTOBER 6 5

Sony hasn't said when the device will be back on the market.

news - OCTOBER 6 18

New model based on Google's Android operating system expected to retail for around $270.

news - OCTOBER 6 18

Price and full specifications, however, have yet to be unveiled.