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Build Your Own - Page 49


If you ever plan to build your own PC, Tom's Hardware’s System Builder Marathon is a must-read. Our editorial team builds, tests, and evaluates PC systems at varying costs, using the components that we think maximize value. These components include motherboards, cooling devices, CPU platforms, chipsets, memory, cases, hard drives, networking and graphics cards and power supplies. For each build, we include performance benchmarks that include 3D games, audio and video compression, graphic design, image manipulation, and video editing. Our testing includes each configuration in its stock form and overclocked. Feel free to build along with us or watch patiently from the sidelines, because, remember—each of these systems are given away at the end of the marathon (don’t forget to enter!).

news - AUGUST 19 28

It reads glass!

news - AUGUST 17 25

Congratulations Brian Webb of Longwood, Florida!

news - AUGUST 15 189

I'm using my old computers to build a Transformer... Computatron!

news - AUGUST 13 8

Patriot Memory launched two bundles offering its Viper II DDR2 memory and Futuremark's 3DMark Vantage software.

news - AUGUST 13 31

Now more (hard)core.

news - AUGUST 5 28

Liquid cooling for your video card ready from the factory.

news - AUGUST 4 22

Eager to try Android on your netbook? Well, now you can.

news - JULY 31 21

It looks as though Asus killed its just-announced USB 3.0 motherboard.

news - JULY 30 54

Psystar gets new lawyers and is ready to fight 'guns blazin'.

news - JULY 25 309

Big spender? Penny pincher? We want to know.

news - JULY 23 120

It's confession time for those of you who have gone sticker or decal-happy on your stuff.

news - JULY 21 35

First motherboard with USB 3.0 appears.

news - JULY 17 14

Corsair discovers that Indilinx Barefoot controller and Samsung MLC NAND flash memory are good ingredients.

news - JULY 16 99

In this case, being backed up is a good thing.

news - JULY 11 157

Besides for Crysis, that is.

news - JULY 8 25

Better, faster... still kinda expensive.

news - JULY 8 171

What makes you get out the cash to upgrade?

reviews - JULY 6 60

It's a good time to be building your own HTPC. AMD has it's innovative Maui platform and Asus is offering the first (and currently only) sound card able to bitstream the Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD formats. You...

news - JUNE 29 23

Think the ThermalTake BMW case was neat? This was first.

news - JUNE 18 22

Because everyone loves open book quizzes and free computers...

news - JUNE 16 29

Now you can play your old SNES games emulated on this... SNES.

news - JUNE 11 28

Well, just a little.

news - JUNE 11 15

Goodbye, best hackintosh netbook yet.

news - JUNE 7 57

It's all about power efficiency these days.

news - JUNE 5 23

During Computex, Elitegroup Computer Systems showcased an Atom motherboard featuring a x16 PCI Express slot.

news - JUNE 5 40

Win a new PC from Tom's Hardware and Newegg!